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  • New World Is Getting A Blunderbuss

    Mar 07, 2022

    In March, New World will go into the public test realm, new content will be introduced, which will see the end of Isabella's story, and a powerful new weapon - the blunderbuss. will give a detailed introduction.

    The Blunderbuss is a ranged weapon with high mobility coupled with potent close-to-mid-range damage. The damage output is scaled based on your strength and intelligence, and this is the first weapon in New World to do this, so it's great for bruiser or mage builds.

    2 Weapon Mastery Trees will be available, each supporting a different playstyle:

    * The Containment tree is all about closing the gap and unloading hot lead into your enemy’s face.

    * The Chaos tree focuses on keeping your distance and bombarding areas with explosive AoE damage.

    Blunderbuss will also have its legendary weapon quest series, after reaching level 60 and max blunderbuss skill level, hit up Wang Tang Zhi in Ebonscale Reach to start things off.

    Narratively, Tempest's Heart - The Myrkgard Expedition will continue the main storyline, tracing Isabella back to Shattered Mountain into a corrupted dimension of reality. Tempest’s Heart is the endgame expedition for 5 players with a character level of 60 and a gear score of 550 or higher. You can always come here to buy New World Coins to enhance your gear and go further in the game.

    Additionally, the PTR update will introduce new encounters in the wild, effective balance changes across various weapons, and numerous bug fixes. The exact date of the PTR has not yet been set, but it is expected to be not far from us.

  • How To Get Umbral Shards In New World?

    Feb 19, 2022

    Umbral Shards are materials of the New World that help you level up your gear scores, they can upgrade gear from a minimum of 590 to a maximum score of 625. They also allow you to improve your expertise in specific gear slots, from 600 to 625. Upgrading a piece of gear can permanently improve your expertise, so it's good for you to get as many Umbral Shards as possible. will tell you how to get Umbral Shards.

    Completing Mutated Expeditions

    Before starting the Mutated versions, sturdy builds and weapons like Musket or the Hatchet are necessary. To speed up the process, you can always come here and buy New World Coins you need.

    Mutated Expeditions are the most efficient way to get Umbral Shards, these Expeditions range in difficulty from 1 to 10, and 10 is the hardest. The number of Umbral Shards you can earn varies depending on your Expedition level and performance in dungeons.

    Crafting high-level gear

    If you craft a piece of gear and get a 600 Gear Score, your expertise in that gear slot will also increase to 600. At that time, when you craft gear of that level or higher, you'll get some Umbral Shards, depending on the gear's level.

    Gypsum Casts

    Opening a Gypsum Cast can reward you with an increase in your Expertise in a specific slot of the item you are opening. When reaching 600 Expertise, you will receive a certain number of Umbral Shards from then on.

    How to use Umbral Shards?

    To use Umbral Shards, you need to have a piece of gear to upgrade. The gear needs to be at a Gear Score of 590 or higher, and the expertise of this gear slot also needs to be 590 or higher. If both of these requirements are met, the only thing that needs to be done is to have a sufficient number of Umbral Shards to upgrade the gear to the desired score.

  • New World Players Can Transfer Servers Now

    Feb 16, 2022

    This seems to be something New World players have been waiting for, and now that it's finally here, you can now transfer servers following the second distribution of server transfer tokens. 

    Maybe you've got rare tokens that allow you to move from your current server to a new server of your choice, but there are some limitations. will introduce more details.

    As last time, you can only use transfer tokens to move between servers in the same region, tokens are account-based, so your account only gets one, not for each character. And transfer tokens do not expire, which means you can keep them for as long as you want.

    As these tokens are given out, you'll see some worlds flagged as "full", meaning you can't transfer into these closed servers, but you can take your characters with you.

    How to prepare for server transfer?

    Before you change the server, you need to prepare a few things. 

    First, you need to make sure you are inside a settlement and have left your Company. Departing Players are also asked to remove any active Trading Post or sell orders before using the tokens.

    Once everything is ready, you can go to the New World store and select "World Transfer". Redeem your free tokens from here to buy a move. Select the server you want from the available list, and once you confirm, you will be transported over.

    Once you start your journey on the new server, if you still come to to buy New World Coins, you need to select the corresponding server Coins, so as to ensure that the Coins you purchased are available, otherwise, the inconsistent Coins cannot come into play on your server.

  • New World Update Makes the Endgame Different

    Feb 11, 2022

    New World's latest update has been released, the game's latest patch 1.3.2, and it's not as extensive as the games we've seen before. It made some notable changes to the endgame portion of New World, which also pleases fans. will describe the specific changes it brings.

    For the most part, this new update addresses a lingering issue in New World that involves Mutators difficulties. The developer team has fixed the message that Mutator difficulty levels from 1 to 5 now require a Silver rank. Conversely, levels 6 to 10 will require you to be a Gold rank.

    To accompany this endgame fix, New World's new patch also addresses some bugs in the game. Although none of them are major issues, fixing them does make the game better.

    Endgame Updates

    * Fixed an issue where the unlock messaging was inconsistent on higher Mutator difficulties. Difficulties 1-5 still states Silver rank is required and difficulty 6-10 now states Gold rank is required.

    * Fixed an issue where equipment couldn’t be upgraded while storage was opened if there were umbral shards in storage.

    And next month New World will also bring new content, the development team will focus on bugs, bots, and balance, which will further optimize the game. In order to welcome the arrival of new content, New World players can prepare for them in advance. Buy New World Coins here can help you get through the game more smoothly and get a better gaming experience.

  • After Server Merges, What To Expect In New World

    Feb 08, 2022

    The development team is preparing for the first server merger between the worlds of Avalon and Ramaja in the Central Europe region in 2022. The first server merger in 2022 has been completed and will provide details.

    Server mergers have become a necessity in New World, and in December 2021, team dev has merged hundreds of servers as they try to rebalance factions and deliver large numbers of players to servers with severe population loss. Now the first merger in 2022 has been done, but there are many more mergers that will await players. Now the development team will focus on "bugs, bots, and balance".

    The next update is currently in the public testing realm, and the team is currently testing changes to Combat, PVE, Outpost Rush, and Crafting.

    The biggest change to Outpost Rush is in scoring and rewards, dealing damage now increases your score and the number of points given for killing player-controlled enemies and AI enemies have decreased. As for rewards, completing a match earns you faction tokens and Outpost Rush caches that include 2 pieces of armor specific to the mode alongside a mode-exclusive weapon.

    As for player combat, you can swap weapons while reacting, dodging, traversing, and using consumables. Using the action will not interrupt those moves, but don’t forget that a 1-second cooldown is added to prevent instant weapon spamming. You can come here to buy New World Coins to enhance your character so that you can deal with various difficulties.

    As for bots, this has been an ongoing topic of discussion in the community. And the developers have noticed, so they will pay attention to and solve this problem. We'll also share the latest news we know as soon as more content is released

  • How Guilds World In New World?

    Jan 29, 2022

    New World borrows many new elements from MMOPRG, especially when those elements have proven to be enduringly popular.

    For a new game like New World to stand the test of time, they need to change the content of the game, find new ways of doing things, and keep the familiar elements fresh and interesting. New World includes key elements such as PvP and PvE combat, experience-based character progression, and additions of characters and classes that meet the standards of many classic MMORPGs. How the new world will use the guilds is what players are concerned about. will give a detailed introduction.

    How Guilds World?

    New World tries to differentiate its guilds from other similar games, calling them "Companies". Although there may be slight differences between them, the New World Companies operate very similarly to the standard guild system. You can unite under one banner as you wish. However, the options are not as flexible as players initially thought. After completing Commitment to the Cause, you'll choose one of three new world factions to belong to. They are Syndicate, Covenant, and Marauders, with their ideals, as well as faction-specific items and quests, but otherwise, the differences are fairly minor.

    You can change the faction after 120 days, but your choice will affect which New World Companies will be available to them. You can choose to create your own company, and there's a lot of customization if you want to go that route. In this game, the territory controlled by a faction is constantly changing as your fort is taken by enemies players and vice versa. Companies can declare war on one of the 12 territories that make up the islands of Aeterum, and engage in faction-specific quests, meaning the factions and the Company you follow can affect your gameplay experience.

    Once team dev makes more adjustments to New World, will also share relevant articles in time. And you can always come here to buy New World Coins so that you can make your character stronger and able to deal with more situations.

  • New World Expedition Mutators Increase Challenge and Reward

    Jan 26, 2022

    The New World update has arrived and it introduces a new endgame feature - Expedition Mutators, which increases the challenge of expeditions and also provides greater rewards for you. At this point, most level 60 players have completed each expedition multiple times, but with the mutators, everything can feel new again. Some players seem to have known about the latest update, and will pick some important details to show.

    Expedition Mutators modify the normal and named enemies found in New World expeditions, adding both complexity and unpredictability to enemy encounters. You can find new bespoke gear and resources that will provide more opportunities to boost your power level. Combinations of Expeditions and Mutations will rotate each week, and the mutations will change with 10 different levels of difficulty, and you can battle your way up a ladder of difficulty.

    The update also includes balance changes, increased drop rates, new gear, resources, additional Spirit Shrines, and quality of life changes like the reduced cost for fast travel and more. So at this time, you also have more chances to get New World Coins in the game.

    Umbral Shards also be added to the game, a powerful resource that allows you to take an item with a gear score ranging from a high 590 to 625. Shards can be obtained by completing Mutation Expeditions, crafting an item with a 600 Gear Score when your expertise with the item is also at 600, or opening a Gypsum Cast when your Expertise for the item is at 600. will continue to pay attention to more New World content and provide corresponding game guides to make your game process go more smoothly.

  • What Are The Orichalcum Respawn Times?

    Jan 22, 2022

    Some New World players are heading towards the end game, and players who reach level 60 want great gear, which you can do with New World Coins. At the same time, some players like the game's trading skills and spend time mining and using their materials on Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, and more.

    As you start approaching 175 in trade skills, you need Orichalcum, a rare item that requires luck to collect. These items include Cinnabar, Void ore, and Tolvium. These items alongside Orichalcum are necessary especially when crafting armor sets such as the Voidebent armor. Based on its importance, will guide you on how to farm Orichalcum.

    Where to farm Orichalcum?

    You'll need to form a group to farm Orichalcum. The most prominent area to farm ore is in and around Myrkgard, as it's a great place to farm mobs, which will give you a higher gear score, and rightfully so, the competition is fierce. If you want to avoid the actual settlement of Myrkgard, you can go to the settlement in the southern part of the area.

    * Soundeast of surrounding Myrkgard: This settlement leads to an enclosed area surrounded by mountains, where the highest densities of Orichalcum are in the game.

    *Around the entrance to the Dynasty Shipyard: Dynasty Shipyard is an expedition where you can find ore on the cliffs in this area and on the beaches of those island coasts.

    * South of Skysong Skysong Shrine in Ebonscale Reach: You can find that village at the border of Weaver's Fen and Edensgrove, you can find some ore scattered in Upper and Lower Slag mines. Of course, you have to be careful of mini-bosses around the mines.

    What are the Orichalcum respawn times?

    Orichalcum's respawn time tend to take a lot longer than normal ore:

    * Small veins of Orichalcum can respawn anywhere between 15-25 minutes

    * The medium Orichalcum respawn times range between 20-30 minutes.

    * The large Orichalcum 25-35 minutes.

    It is worth going to the smaller areas to farm Oricalcum as they are not competitive. will continue to pay attention to the needs of players and share corresponding game guides.

  • New World Character Creation Has Been Disabled

    Jan 19, 2022

    The New World Dev team has disabled character creation in all regions, and they haven't stated why this is all happening, but promise more information to come in the future. This phenomenon has spread to regions around the world, and it also shows that some more important problems have arisen.

    The community has been speculating about why this is happening, and some players think that may be trying to combat exploitation, especially when it comes to botting, so this speculation might make sense. also knows the process of the situation.

    Dev team has shifted the reward system for new accounts to be equivalent in the future but will reward greater Gold and items later in the main questline. The team disabled server transfers for new characters and stopped free transfer tokens that were meant to help players who were initially affected by server demand strain and later deep severe server imbalances. They also limit the number of characters an account can create per day.

    Many New World players have concerns about the bots in the game, and that has been the case for a while. Although the team has also fixed some bugs that could lead to players being cheated of New World Coins, butt issues and RMT spam and more issues still exist.

    Recently, the team temporarily disabled server transfers, but a few days later, they were enabled again. They then disabled player-to-player trading, a potential gold spoofing vulnerability.

    There's no definitive word yet on why caused character creation to be disabled, and we don't know how long this will last, we'll just have to wait for dev team to announce more. will also keep an eye on the latest news.

  • How To Summon Secret Enemy Serenity Maiden Liu In New World?

    Jan 14, 2022

    New World's player numbers have dwindled considerably since its release, but the remaining players are still searching for the game's secrets. Recently, spotted a New World player sharing the discovery on social media. In Ebonscale Reach, players can face off against a secret enemy named Serenity Maiden Liu, but you won't run into her by chance.

    How to summon Serenity Maiden Liu?

    To summon this enemy, you need to complete a series of quests solving the puzzle and letting the enemy spawn.

    * Killing a Swarmer/Impaler spawns the next one

    * They are increasingly harder to find

    * Walk away too far or take too long and everything resets

    * 21 is the magic number

    * They have to be killed in the correct order

    Fighting Serenity Maiden Liu isn't difficult, and the level 60 enemy doesn't drop anything that changes the game. You'll need to face her at certain stages if you want to experience everything the game has to offer.

    After this new enemy was discovered, it aroused the curiosity of players. They were more curious about more secret enemies on the map. Once there are new enemies, will also share relevant articles in time.

    If you need help from outside support in the game, you can always come here to buy New World Coins, which can play a huge role in the next stage of the game, provides 24/7 customer service, whenever you need Coins, you can get them in a short time after placing the order.

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