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  • New World's Update Introduces New Weapons, Enemies and PvP Options

    Nov 19, 2021

    Many players have a complicated attitude towards New World. Its initial release attracted many players, and it did bring them a good gaming experience, but gradually, the repeated glitches of the game’s internal economy drive the players crazy. Not only that but because the trading post and wealth transfer in New World had to be disabled to stop the glitches from spearing.

    Based on this, the devs team released a complete patch in November and made major changes to most of the game’s mechanics and features, effectively reshaping the new game experience. The new update will buff and nerf all weapons in New World, While improving the quality of life. selected some important changes to make a detailed introduction.

    General Changes

    You can now enjoy a 10% boost in movement speed when sprinting on the roads, which means you can cross Aeternum faster. In addition, you can also get a 10% luck bonus and 30% Gathering Luck bonus in PvP, which will make the experience of crafters and gathers more enjoyable.

    Enemy Types

    More enemy types have been introduced, which is what players have been asking for. So you may have to face greater challenges, New World Coins will play a more important role in the game.

    Main Quests

    Some of the main quests have now been reworked into something different, and quests usually use mechanics to make them more unique and interactive.

    Weapon Changes

    A new weapon archetype has been introduced, it is Void Gauntlet.

    In addition, one of the weapon changes is the Life Staff healing. Life Staff has always been considered one of the best weapons in the game, it is suitable for almost all occasions. Life Staff's healing output is being reduced by 20%, and some abilities are undergoing more changes. This part is compensated by the healing bonuses for Light and Medium armor, which increase by 10% and 15%, respectively.

    War Hammer has received a series of buffs, and it will be more meta in New World. In addition, The Sword and Hatchet also gain some buffs.

    Ice Gauntlet has received nerfs, and its main things have disappeared, such as the ability to be healed while Entombed or to use AOE spells to damage enemies. Fire Staff's Flamethrower and Pillar of Fire are stronger, and many passive got hit by nerfs.

    The Spear has changed the most among all weapons, which increases the damage on popular skills, such as Couple de Grace and bleed applied through the Skewer.

    Now that the new changes have taken place, players should be busy exploring new content. When you encounter problems that you cannot handle, you can choose to buy New World Coins from

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