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Everything you should know about New World Coins

About Amazon New World

New World MMO is developed by Amazon Game Studios, it should be the most expected MMORPG in 2021. The game has already been released on September 28, 2021 and only available for PC players. After the game was released, it immediately became one of the games with the highest number of concurrent players on the Steam. You can buy this game from Amazon or Steam.

The story of New World MMO takes place in the American continent during the colonial period of the 17th century. Players will be send to an island called Aeternum and experience exciting adventures. Of course, this supernatural island located in the Atlantic Ocean is fictitious in setting, but the many dangers hidden in its wide range are very real to players. The game developer said that New World will include classic elements such as action and role-playing, while providing players with 50vs50 PvP and a rich crafting system. Whether you are a PvP lover or a loyal PvE player, you can get the content you want.

What are New World Coins(Gold)?

The economy in New World is player driven and there are two kinds of currency in the game - Azoth and Coin. New World Coins are the main currency in New World, it can be used to trade with other players. If you want to buy anything with coin or sell items to earn coin, it must be done at the Trading Post - an Auction House in New World's version. If you have enough free time, you have many ways to make NW Coins , such as completing quests, killing monsters or selling crafted items. If you want to save time and money, buying New World Coins directly from trusted 3rd-party website is the best choice.

I want to Buy Cheap New World Coins, where should I go?

You should buy it from We are specializing in selling Amazon New World Coins, and has experienced suppliers and player teams to provide support, so we have room to provide users with more offers. Our staffs will adjust the prices according to market conditions everyday to ensure that users can Buy New World Coins with the lowest price. If you register as a member of and keep buying NW Gold here, you will get an extra discount of up to 5% on checkout page.

How long does take to deliver an order?

Fast delivery of RPG New World Coins lets users to get a better experience, and this is also one of the advantages of Our delivery team is on standby around the clock, make full use of the comprehensive delivery system to process every order in a timely manner.

I want to buy coins from, is it safe?

We fully consider the security of users' money, so we cooperate with the most secure companies to provide the most popular multiple secure payment methods. We attach great importance to users' privacy and promise not to sell users' personal information. And we promise that all the cheap New World Gold we're selling is obtained manually through legit means, 100% done by real players, it does not violate the rules of the game. You can buy with confidence without worrying about your account being banned.

  • Jan 22, 2022
    News of Newworldcoins

    What Are The Orichalcum Respawn Times?

    Some New World players are heading towards the end game, and players who reach level 60 want great gear, which you can do with New World Coins. At the same time, some players like the game's trading skills and spend time mining and using their materials on Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, and more.

    As you start approaching 175 in trade skills, you need Orichalcum, a rare item that requires luck to collect. These items include Cinnabar, Void ore, and Tolvium. These items alongside Orichalcum are necessary especially when crafting armor sets such as the Voidebent armor. Based on its importance, will guide you on how to farm Orichalcum.

    Where to farm Orichalcum?

    You'll need to form a group to farm Orichalcum. The most prominent area to farm ore is in and around Myrkgard, as it's a great place to farm mobs, which will give you a higher gear score, and rightfully so, the competition is fierce. If you want to avoid the actual settlement of Myrkgard, you can go to the settlement in the southern part of the area.

    * Soundeast of surrounding Myrkgard: This settlement leads to an enclosed area surrounded by mountains, where the highest densities of Orichalcum are in the game.

    *Around the entrance to the Dynasty Shipyard: Dynasty Shipyard is an expedition where you can find ore on the cliffs in this area and on the beaches of those island coasts.

    * South of Skysong Skysong Shrine in Ebonscale Reach: You can find that village at the border of Weaver's Fen and Edensgrove, you can find some ore scattered in Upper and Lower Slag mines. Of course, you have to be careful of mini-bosses around the mines.

    What are the Orichalcum respawn times?

    Orichalcum's respawn time tend to take a lot longer than normal ore:

    * Small veins of Orichalcum can respawn anywhere between 15-25 minutes

    * The medium Orichalcum respawn times range between 20-30 minutes.

    * The large Orichalcum 25-35 minutes.

    It is worth going to the smaller areas to farm Oricalcum as they are not competitive. will continue to pay attention to the needs of players and share corresponding game guides.

  • Jan 19, 2022
    News of Newworldcoins

    New World Character Creation Has Been Disabled

    The New World Dev team has disabled character creation in all regions, and they haven't stated why this is all happening, but promise more information to come in the future. This phenomenon has spread to regions around the world, and it also shows that some more important problems have arisen.

    The community has been speculating about why this is happening, and some players think that may be trying to combat exploitation, especially when it comes to botting, so this speculation might make sense. also knows the process of the situation. 

    Amazon Games has shifted the reward system for new accounts to be equivalent in the future but will reward greater Gold and items later in the main questline. The team disabled server transfers for new characters and stopped free transfer tokens that were meant to help players who were initially affected by server demand strain and later deep severe server imbalances. They also limit the number of characters an account can create per day.

    Many New World players have concerns about the bots in the game, and that has been the case for a while. Although the team has also fixed some bugs that could lead to players being cheated of New World Coins, butt issues and RMT spam and more issues still exist.

    Recently, the team temporarily disabled server transfers, but a few days later, they were enabled again. They then disabled player-to-player trading, a potential gold spoofing vulnerability.

    There's no definitive word yet on why caused character creation to be disabled, and we don't know how long this will last, we'll just have to wait for Amazon Games to announce more. will also keep an eye on the latest news.

  • Jan 14, 2022
    News of Newworldcoins

    How To Summon Secret Enemy Serenity Maiden Liu In New World?

    New World's player numbers have dwindled considerably since its release, but the remaining players are still searching for the game's secrets. Recently, spotted a New World player sharing the discovery on social media. In Ebonscale Reach, players can face off against a secret enemy named Serenity Maiden Liu, but you won't run into her by chance.

    How to summon Serenity Maiden Liu?

    To summon this enemy, you need to complete a series of quests solving the puzzle and letting the enemy spawn.

    * Killing a Swarmer/Impaler spawns the next one

    * They are increasingly harder to find

    * Walk away too far or take too long and everything resets

    * 21 is the magic number

    * They have to be killed in the correct order

    Fighting Serenity Maiden Liu isn't difficult, and the level 60 enemy doesn't drop anything that changes the game. You'll need to face her at certain stages if you want to experience everything the game has to offer.

    After this new enemy was discovered, it aroused the curiosity of players. They were more curious about more secret enemies on the map. Once there are new enemies, will also share relevant articles in time.

    If you need help from outside support in the game, you can always come here to buy New World Coins, which can play a huge role in the next stage of the game, provides 24/7 customer service, whenever you need Coins, you can get them in a short time after placing the order.



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