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NEWWORLDCOINS User Acceptable Use Policy

As a professional third-party game service website, NEWWORLDCOINS has a large number of user visits and orders every day. In order to enable the website to function smoothly and to ensure that all users have the best experience using the website, we propose this agreement. For violations of the Acceptable Use Policy, NEWWORLDCOINS will take different treatment plans according to the user's violation and severity. If the website suffers losses due to the user's violation, NEWWORLDCOINS has the right to pursue the user's responsibility through legal channels.

User Rights

As consumers, users have the following legal rights during the use of the website:

  • Users have the right to consult the online customer service of NEWWORLDCOINS whether the specific products on the website actually exist and whether there is sufficient stock.
  • If the staff of NEWWORLDCOINS makes an error during the delivery of the order, causing the product received by the user to be inconsistent with the description of the order, the user has the right to contact the customer service to request a reissue after verifying the information.
  • If there is an error caused by NEWWORLDCOINS during the delivery of the order and the order cannot be completed within the expected time, the user has the right to request a refund for the undelivered part of the goods.
  • Users have the right to reject illegal products to avoid negative impacts, such as temporary and permanent bans. If the user has any evidence to prove that the product was obtained by illegal means, the user has the right to cancel the order.

User Obligations

As an individual with decision-making ability, the user should undertake the following responsibilities:

  • For game account products, NEWWORLDCOINS staff will send the account number and password to the user by email after confirming that the account is available. The user is obliged to protect the relevant information after receiving the email. NEWWORLDCOINS does not assume any responsibility if the account is used by others after the order is shipped.
  • For items or currency products, our staff will not attempt to retrieve them in-game after the order has been delivered. NEWWORLDCOINS is not responsible if the user trades the item to anyone in the game after the transaction is successful.
  • If the staff of this website is in a technical error or other unexpected situation when delivering the order, resulting in the delivery of products other than the order, the user is obliged to return all products other than the order. If the user refuses to contact or return the excess products, NEWWORLDCOINS has the right to seek compensation through legal means.
  • NEWWORLDCOINS will manually verify some risk orders to avoid fraud, and users are obliged to cooperate with the customer service of this website in the verification process. To this end, users need to submit as much evidence as possible to prove that they are the executors of the purchase, including but not limited to ID photos, personal photos, driver's license photos, and photos of holding credit cards. For uncooperative users, NEWWORLDCOINS reserves the right to refuse delivery
  • Different products have different delivery methods. Sometimes NEWWORLDCOINS staff need to get in touch with users so that the order can be delivered smoothly. It is the user's responsibility to provide the correct contact details at a specific location on the website or to the online customer service and to ensure that they are available. NEWWORLDCOINS is not responsible for any problems with order delivery due to the inability of NEWWORLDCOINS staff to contact the user.

Prohibited Behavior

Since NEWWORLDCOINS involves so many products, the trading model is very complex. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, users are prohibited from the following behaviors:

  • Disapproval of completed orders

    Once an NEWWORLDCOINS staff member completes the delivery, the order defaults to completed regardless of its status on the website. In this case, the user may not cancel the order or request a refund.

  • Disapproval of the value of the product

    NEWWORLDCOINS is not responsible for evaluating the true value of goods, and users should consider carefully before purchasing. If the user does not recognize the value or price of the product after purchase, the site is not responsible, and the user shall not cancel the order or request a refund for this reason.

  • Disapproval of the quantity of product

    Any transaction fees or taxes that may be incurred during the transaction process are borne by the user by default. Users may not cancel orders or request refunds on the grounds that the amount of currency ultimately received is insufficient.

  • Providing false or incorrect information

    On the order settlement page, the user should fill in all necessary information correctly in the corresponding area according to the prompts of NEWWORLDCOINS, such as user ID, role name, server name, etc. Our staff will complete the delivery according to the submitted information. If the user does not receive the product due to filling in the wrong information, NEWWORLDCOINS is not responsible

  • Abuse of website features

    NEWWORLDCOINS will hold special promotions from time to time, offering discounted products and coupon codes in different ways. Users shall not abuse the account registration function to obtain illegal benefits. NEWWORLDCOINS reserves the right to refuse delivery of such unprofitable orders.

  • Insulting staff and customer service

    In any case, NEWWORLDCOINS staff and customer service should communicate with users in a warm and friendly manner. We expect all users to be able to do this. If the user has malicious and abusive behavior in the process of communicating with NEWWORLDCOINS and does not listen to dissuasion, NEWWORLDCOINS has the right to suspend the communication.

In view of the fact that this website cannot control and judge whether users have carefully read the content of this policy, the responsibility for reading or not is not on this website and the company, and hereby declares as follows:

Regardless of whether the user has actually read these terms of use carefully before registering or using this website, as long as the user uses this website or registers as a member of this website, it is deemed that the user has read and accepted all the contents of this policy. The agreement between them is binding on both parties.

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