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  • What Are The Orichalcum Respawn Times?

    Jan 22, 2022

    Some New World players are heading towards the end game, and players who reach level 60 want great gear, which you can do with New World Coins. At the same time, some players like the game's trading skills and spend time mining and using their materials on Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, and more.

    As you start approaching 175 in trade skills, you need Orichalcum, a rare item that requires luck to collect. These items include Cinnabar, Void ore, and Tolvium. These items alongside Orichalcum are necessary especially when crafting armor sets such as the Voidebent armor. Based on its importance, will guide you on how to farm Orichalcum.

    Where to farm Orichalcum?

    You'll need to form a group to farm Orichalcum. The most prominent area to farm ore is in and around Myrkgard, as it's a great place to farm mobs, which will give you a higher gear score, and rightfully so, the competition is fierce. If you want to avoid the actual settlement of Myrkgard, you can go to the settlement in the southern part of the area.

    * Soundeast of surrounding Myrkgard: This settlement leads to an enclosed area surrounded by mountains, where the highest densities of Orichalcum are in the game.

    *Around the entrance to the Dynasty Shipyard: Dynasty Shipyard is an expedition where you can find ore on the cliffs in this area and on the beaches of those island coasts.

    * South of Skysong Skysong Shrine in Ebonscale Reach: You can find that village at the border of Weaver's Fen and Edensgrove, you can find some ore scattered in Upper and Lower Slag mines. Of course, you have to be careful of mini-bosses around the mines.

    What are the Orichalcum respawn times?

    Orichalcum's respawn time tend to take a lot longer than normal ore:

    * Small veins of Orichalcum can respawn anywhere between 15-25 minutes

    * The medium Orichalcum respawn times range between 20-30 minutes.

    * The large Orichalcum 25-35 minutes.

    It is worth going to the smaller areas to farm Oricalcum as they are not competitive. will continue to pay attention to the needs of players and share corresponding game guides.

  • New World Character Creation Has Been Disabled

    Jan 19, 2022

    The New World Dev team has disabled character creation in all regions, and they haven't stated why this is all happening, but promise more information to come in the future. This phenomenon has spread to regions around the world, and it also shows that some more important problems have arisen.

    The community has been speculating about why this is happening, and some players think that may be trying to combat exploitation, especially when it comes to botting, so this speculation might make sense. also knows the process of the situation. 

    Amazon Games has shifted the reward system for new accounts to be equivalent in the future but will reward greater Gold and items later in the main questline. The team disabled server transfers for new characters and stopped free transfer tokens that were meant to help players who were initially affected by server demand strain and later deep severe server imbalances. They also limit the number of characters an account can create per day.

    Many New World players have concerns about the bots in the game, and that has been the case for a while. Although the team has also fixed some bugs that could lead to players being cheated of New World Coins, butt issues and RMT spam and more issues still exist.

    Recently, the team temporarily disabled server transfers, but a few days later, they were enabled again. They then disabled player-to-player trading, a potential gold spoofing vulnerability.

    There's no definitive word yet on why caused character creation to be disabled, and we don't know how long this will last, we'll just have to wait for Amazon Games to announce more. will also keep an eye on the latest news.

  • How To Summon Secret Enemy Serenity Maiden Liu In New World?

    Jan 14, 2022

    New World's player numbers have dwindled considerably since its release, but the remaining players are still searching for the game's secrets. Recently, spotted a New World player sharing the discovery on social media. In Ebonscale Reach, players can face off against a secret enemy named Serenity Maiden Liu, but you won't run into her by chance.

    How to summon Serenity Maiden Liu?

    To summon this enemy, you need to complete a series of quests solving the puzzle and letting the enemy spawn.

    * Killing a Swarmer/Impaler spawns the next one

    * They are increasingly harder to find

    * Walk away too far or take too long and everything resets

    * 21 is the magic number

    * They have to be killed in the correct order

    Fighting Serenity Maiden Liu isn't difficult, and the level 60 enemy doesn't drop anything that changes the game. You'll need to face her at certain stages if you want to experience everything the game has to offer.

    After this new enemy was discovered, it aroused the curiosity of players. They were more curious about more secret enemies on the map. Once there are new enemies, will also share relevant articles in time.

    If you need help from outside support in the game, you can always come here to buy New World Coins, which can play a huge role in the next stage of the game, provides 24/7 customer service, whenever you need Coins, you can get them in a short time after placing the order.

  • New World Winter Convergence Event Will Be Extended

    Jan 11, 2022

    While New World has been under fire for months after its release, perhaps in 2022, the situation will change and the player community will finally be satisfied with the game. Amazon Games plans to extend the game's Winter Gathering event, thanks to a large number of participants. has known about the official statement.

    Due to the great performance of the event, Amazon has decided to extend the event until January 25th. So, if you haven't opened the gift yet and the unused gift will disappear at the end of the event, so make sure you don't lose any potential gifts.

    Additionally, all Winter Convergence giveaways will be available from January 21, 2022, at 12:01 am to January 24th, 2022 at 11:59 pm. So be sure to bring whatever you may have missed during this time or you may never see them again.

    The Winter Convergence event brought many changes to the New World, and a sheet of snow completely changed the map. You can earn Winter Tokens by completing recurring quests for the Winter Wanderer, and buying limited-time cosmetics at the Holiday Shop

    Ice Caves sprout all over Aeternum due to the Winter Warrior's desire for the Forever Winter. These caves are why the map is covered in snow. You can also participate in special activities like The Convergence Spirit, which needs you to help decorate the Tree of Light of each settlement for daily rewards. Lost Present Recovery will require you to retrieve the presents that were stolen by Frigid Folk.

    The event will also see Gleamlight meteors falling from the night sky, letting you collect the remnants and turn them in at Winter Village Holiday Huts for extra Winter Tokens. 7 new quests will also be added to the list as part of the event, and these will start from 15 level starts and ends at level 60.

    For more news, you can come to to check, or directly buy New World Coins here to increase your advantage, and low price and fast delivery are guaranteed, you can receive your purchased Coins within 30 minutes after placing the order.

  • New World PTR Is Testing Its New Expedition Mutator System

    Jan 08, 2022

    New World is going to be more challenging, which may give players a better gaming experience. The Expedition modifiers are named Mutators, and each Mutated Expedition has 10 extra difficulty levels and is currently being tested on the game's PTR. learned the relevant information.

    Mutators add enemies to Expeditions, adding various affixes in a system not unlike WoW's Mythic+ dungeon system. After completing a Mutated Expedition, your are score will be based on speed, the number of enemies killed, and the number of times you died or wiped during the Expedition. You can unlock more difficult levels and get better rewards by getting a high enough score.

    Amazon Games said the higher difficulty is expected to be "extremely difficult." With many New World complaints about the game's lack of end-game content, the introduction of Mutators and levels of multiple difficulty levels give New World fans more to aim for. Therefore, New World Coins will play a greater role at this time.

    Another major addition being tested on the PTR is the new Umbral Shard system, a new resource that gives players means with items of 600 gear score to increase the power of those items by as much as 625. Amazon Games stats will be key if you want to get into the higher difficulty Mutated Expeditions or gain a competitive edge.

    You can earn shards in several ways, including completing Mutated Expeditions in lower levels, and you'll need the corresponding skill level of 600 to apply an Umbral Shard to a given piece of gear.

    While the Mutated Expeditions or Umbral Shard systems are the main points of discussion, there are some other changes to the PTR as well. Azoth costs for fast traveling long distance is being reduced, and Expeditions also see loot tables, along with other small changes.

    If you need to buy New World Coins, please be free to come here and take a visit.

  • Amazing! A New World Player Uses Musket and Rapier To Defend A Control Point!

    Jan 06, 2022

    One of the most attractions in New World is its Faction Wars. 50 players fight with another 50 players for honor and gold, which is the charm of MMO. Amazon Games has been trying to improve the way the game runs in many ways, weapons have been rebalanced, which allows players at a disadvantage to performing better.

    Weapons like Musket and Bow also have huge ammunition economy issues, which makes them inconvenient, but in most cases, they are still excellent PVP weapons. But compared to large-scale battles, Dexterity weapons are more suitable for skirmishes, because they focus on a few targets and easily knock the opponent down.

    Recently, a New World player shared their 1V2 battle scene on Reddit, which caused a heated discussion, so also shared it here for you to view, you can click here to view the original post.

    This player ambushes the enemies and uses a Musket to quickly reduce the health of one of the enemies to the base. When the other enemy approaches with a Sword and Shield, the player uses the Rapier and dodges to narrow the distance to the injured enemy. Several additional Musket shots locked the first enemy, and the second enemy was still preparing to use the Great Axe’s Gravity Well.

    But this was prevented by a timely counterattack, which shocked the Great Axe user. They were stabbed in the back and shot with a Musket. This shows how deadly agile weapons can be in small battles.

    It is not easy to maintain or win settlements, but sufficient New World Coins will always give you some help. If you are trying to conquer the territory, to ensure a higher chance of winning, you can prepare equipment and weapons in advance!

  • New World's NPC Guide: How To Slay Enemies More Easily?

    Dec 31, 2021

    There are many NPC types in New World, which helps to build a diverse area. While NPC types look different visually, they have different behaviors. For various elements in the world, each New World NPC type has its strengths and weaknesses. All of these are important elements for defeating enemies, leveling up, and farming Gypsum.

    Especially at the end of the game, there are many ways to grind the end game content again and again. You can defeat different enemies in dungeons and arenas, such as Corrupted in Mykgard and Angry Earth in Edngrove’s Spriggan Arena. No matter what content you like, you want to have the damage type to compete with them.

    To enhance your gaming experience, detailed the weaknesses of the enemies in New World. In addition, we have added the strengths of NPCs to let you know whether the weapon you bring gives you an advantage.

    New World Enemies’ Weaknesses

    This is a detailed introduction to the enemies in New World. You now know how to manipulate the weaknesses of various enemies and avoid their strengths. In addition, you can also buy New World Coins here to enhance your advantages and make things develop more smoothly. With the coming of new content, New World Coins will be able to play a more important role in the game, so you can also pay more attention to in the future.

  • Quest Line of Winter Convergence That You Need To Complete

    Dec 28, 2021

    The New World’s Winter Convergence event has started for a while and will continue until January 11, 2022. It also provides a quest line for players. To make the final battle more smooth, you can come here to buy New World Coins in advance to be fully prepared.

    You can choose any of the 4 Winter Villages around Aeternum. This event focuses on player intervention with the help of Winter Wanderer to play against Forever Winter. To this end, the game has 7 quests, each of which has its level requirement. will give a brief description of them.

    Level 15 (rewards: 1 Winter Token, ~1200 XP, ~68 Gold, 175 Territory Rep, 50 Azoth)

    The Winter Convergence

    The Winter Convergence is an introductory quest that will guide you to Holiday Huts in Winter Villages to check the new items that can be made there. Once completed, you can return to Winter Wanderer to get rewards.

    Tree of Light

    You need to get your first daily reward from the village’s Tree of Light. These rewards are refreshed every day. You are encouraged to check the Trees of Light in Winter Villages every day to get items. After the collection is done, you can return to Winter Wanderer to get rewards.

    All Together Now

    All Together Now teaches you how to check the upgrade progress of the tree of light in the village and how to participate in it. This quest lets you check the Town Projects Board.

    Gleamite Crystals

    In Aeternum, Gleamite Showers will happen randomly. Every once in a while, a rift will open in the sky and Gleamite deposits will rain down to the ground. You can mine these deposits for Gleamite crystals, and then bring them to Winter Village.

    Joy Recaptured

    This quest guides you to get through Lost Present Recovery. Presents have been scattered throughout Aeternum, which is returned to the Winter Village by players who participated in the Winter Convergence. Some presents may be floating and require ranged weapons to shoot them down.

    Level 25 (Rewards: 1 Premium Winter Token,~1200 XP,~68 gold, 175 Territory Rep, and 50 Azoth)

    Yetis Abound

    Now is the real adventure. Yetis Abound allows you to defeat the level 25 wild Yetis that appears in Aeternum inside Ice Caves. You need to defeat 3 named enemies to continue this quest:

    * Rames in Everfall

    * Hari in Monarch's Bluffs

    * Sunit in First Light

    Wanderer Reborn

    This is a long game, but the only objective is to reach the Winter Convergence event reputation - Merrymaker. This is the third tier and requires 3000 event reputation.

    Level 60 (Rewards: 1 Premium Winter Token, ~3000 experience, ~112 gold, 175 Territory Rep, and 50 Azoth)

    Winter Warrior

    The final battle begins, which is the battle for Forever Winter against the Winter Warrior. If you want to deal with this frosty antagonist, you need to collect 2 Runestones to get his position. You can get them from:

    * Isvari in Edengrove

    * Sesa in Ebonscale Reach

    Once you have collected two runestones, the cave of the Winter Warrior will be revealed and you need to be ready for battle!

    This is about the content of the New World Winter Convergence questline, most of which can be said to be simple, you only need to prepare to get rewards.

  • New World Devs Accepted The Endgame Challenge From Community

    Dec 23, 2021

    Before anything starts, we want to announce the good news that the Christmas sale has already started, now come to to buy New World Coins with code "XMAS", you will enjoy up to 8% off. The event will last until 2022. On the 1st.

    The New World community was dissatisfied with the endgame changes and issued a challenge to the game developers to stream an endgame Myrkgard run so that they could see how it worked. will also introduce more relevant information here.

    Surprisingly, Amazon accepted this challenge. They recently released a video, you can click here to view it. It showed 10 developers, including game director Scot Lane, trying to overcome more challenging pieces of the endgame. From the beginning, the developers admitted that their equipment was insufficient and their gear was not as good as the dedicated players of New World. But they still entered the elite zone of Myrkgard's endgame, surprising!

    Despite being undergeared, the developers still started a wonderful battle and spent about an hour struggling in this zone. The video also shows the views of 4 different developers, and also offers some helpful suggestions to improve the game experience, such as "Keep your tank up, otherwise, bad things will happen" and "Sometimes surrender is the best choice”. Because in In the process, despite their tremendous efforts, they will eventually choose to give up.

    This video seems to be very popular in the community, and the players also provide props for Amazon to answer the call, which is to be a bigger effort. And the developers also answered some common questions and details from the community, and players can expect to play the game in the coming weeks and months.

    Amazon's act is undoubtedly a good signal, but whether it can solve the problems raised by players remains to be seen. New World was also plagued by various vulnerabilities after its large-scale release in September. Although many of these issues have been quickly fixed, they still affect the player's gaming experience.

    The Winter Convergence Festival is currently underway, which also attracts the attention of players. You can actively participate in it and get more fun. As for the New World Coins you need, you can come here to buy them at any time, and we will spare no effort to provide you with any help.

  • New World Winter Convergence: How To Get Winter Wanderer Reputation?

    Dec 21, 2021

    Winter Convergence has arrived, which is also the first major seasonal event of New World, bringing players new activities and content during the holiday season. When you participate in these new activities, you can increase the event reputation and get unique winter-themed armors and weapons. Based on this, will give corresponding tips and tricks.

    Winter Wanderer Quest

    The host of the festival is Winter Wanderer, a friendly Yeti, who has established 4 winter villages located in:

    * Everfall

    * Monarch's Bluffs

    * Brightwood

    * Weaver's Fen

    They are usually located near the fast-travel shrine on your map. You can find Winter Wanderer in these villages, and get a new quest from him, that is, venture into the Yeti’s caves to kill them and stop the Forever Winter. Talk to Winter Wanderer and check the Convergence Shop and many rewards. You can use Winter Tokens to increase your reputation.

    How to get Winter Wanderer reputation?

    * The first is to collect Lost Presents scattered all over the world. Most of them can be found on the ground, some are floating in the air, and you need to collect them through ranged attacks. Each present will reward you with 5 event XP, and you can exchange them for event tokens at a Winter Village.

    * Another way is to collect Gleamite, which will randomly drop from the sky during the night meteor shower. Collecting Gleamite will reward you with 5 XP, and getting larger Gleamite Chunks will earn you 25 XP.

    * The last and best way is to visit Trees of Light, you can find them in the town squares of each settlement. You can get event reputation from it, and others including New World Coins.

    When you complete the Town Project quest and increase the level of Trees, the reputation rewards from Light Tree will increase.

    Winter Convergence Festival Reputation Ranks in New World:

    * Rank 1-Reveler-0 reputation (starting rank)

    * Rank 2-Celebrant-1,000 reputation

    * Rank 3-Merrymaker-3,000 reputation

    * Rank 4-Joybringer-6,000 reputation

    * Rank 5-Holiday Regent-10,000 reputation

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