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  • Many New World Players Built Mini-Map On Their Own

    Oct 16, 2021

    New World has already attracted many players, and players are also actively exploring the game content.

    Unfortunately, although you can get a lot of land and resources in the New World, it lacks some convenient facilities. Among these resources, what players need most is the mini-map, but developers have not been able to add it to the game, so some players decided to solve this problem by themselves.

    A player posted a video on Reddit, stating that they created a mini-map by themselves due to various inconveniences caused by the acquisition. Above the equipment shown in the bottom left of the screen is comfortable, and it does its job. You can click here to check!

    The mini-map displayed by the video accurately shows the surrounding environment, with icons showing different locations and clearly defined roads. It even has a zoom feature to make it easy to find specific things in town. This is not one of the hidden features of New World, but it is really useful.

    In addition, this minimap is also applicable outside of towns. Although this is a bit discordant on the screen, it provides more convenience. In the reply to this post, other players also stated that they also apply their own Mini maps and suggesting many methods.

    The mini-map shown in the video is available for others to use, but it requires an addon. One player stated that this may result in a ban.

    This is another content in New World because of the player's ingenuity and the problems caused by the game system or other players-created problems. And, fast travel, bizarre fighting styles and using boars to kill fishing bots are also on the list.

    In short, this idea is worth seeing by more people. If Amazon Games realizes this and officially adds a mini-map, it will be better. If finds more creative ideas from players, we will share them in time.

    New World players can also come here to buy New World Coins at any time, because as the main currency in New World, it can be needed in all aspects. So enough New World Coins can enhance your advantage in the game.

  • How To Craft Higher-tier Versions Of Your New World Weapons

    Oct 12, 2021

    In New World, tools and weapons have different qualities, as reflected by their tier. There are ways to ensure that you produce a higher-tier tool, regardless of whether you have a lower-tier item. From the final effect, this system is more or less like tool upgrades in other games, except that one step has been deleted. will show how to increase your tool and weapon level through better crafting in New World.

    How to craft better weapons?

    There are many factors related to your character's ability to be manufactured in New World. The available crafting recipes are determined by the various skills of your character, the crafting workstations they can use, and the quality of the resources in their inventory.

    For crafting tools and weapons, you need to focus on your weaponsmithing and engineering skills. Arcana is also essential for crafting magic weapons, but the other two skills cover all non-magic weapons and collection tools.

    The crafting station is related to the settlement you are in. You can increase the tier of the crafting station by completing related Town projects, thereby receiving more crafting options.

    Once you can craft weapons, its recipe will remain the same, which means that the materials you use will be a key factor in determining the tier of the item. To improve the resources you can use, you need to improve your relevant collection and refinement skills.

    Because iron is an important resource in weapons, improve mining and smelting skills and allow them to use Steel Ingots in future crafting items. Tools crafted with simple iron are Tier 2 while tools crafted with Steel Ingots will be Level 3.

    Therefore, the way to craft better tools is to continue practicing and upgrade your character to the point where can craft a higher-level version of tools and weapons.

    You can visit for more guides about New World, which may help you master the mechanics of the entire game faster. You can also come here to buy New World Coins, which seems to be a more direct help. If you are also looking for a reliable New World Coins seller, do not hesitate to come to

  • New World: How To Fix Untrusted System File Error?

    Oct 08, 2021

    New World encountered some problems when it debuts, but due to the rapid response of the developers, most of the problems were resolved in a short time. But now a new error has appeared, which has caused a large number of players to be unable to start the game or log in. will introduce how to fix New World untrusted system file errors.

    How to fix the Untrusted System File Error?

    If you have recently updated Steam, then you are likely to encounter this error when launching the game. A pop-up box will appear, prompting you that the game cannot be started because there is an untrusted system file, which is related to anti-cheat software.

    This is an issue with Steam, so you need to make some changes to your Steam configuration files. Download an older steamclient64.dll file first, click here, and then replace it in the Steam folder. The default location is C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam.

    You need to download the Steam.cfg file linked above, open it, and make sure it has the following command: BootStrapperInhibitAll=Enable.

    After all the steps are completed, you can boot up the game and log in successfully. But once Steam solves this problem, you don't need to do these steps.

    These are steps about fixing the untrusted system file error. If you have encountered it, then trying these. will continue to follow the news of New World and will share the latest topics discussed by the players. Not only can you find New World-related game instructions here, but you can also buy New World Coins and Boosting services. When you encounter difficulties that cannot be dealt with in the game, you can come here for help as soon as possible. Live chat is available at any time, if you have any questions, just ask our staff, and they will answer for you.

  • New World Won’t Give Any Queue Priorities For Streamer

    Sep 29, 2021

    Fans’ long-awaited New World has been officially released. Players can’t wait to enter the game, so they have already started to wait for the login opportunity, but they have been trapped in massive queues, one of which is Twitch streamer Asmongold, When he found that he was in the 10413 positions in the New World queue, he almost collapsed.

    This unexpected situation stems from the fact that New World does not give priority to the steamers queue or the unique accounts. Asmongold has criticized New World's bugs and gameplay flaws before, but what he didn't expect is that in addition to these flaws, the long waiting time is even more speechless. found that a Reddit user shared a related video. Asmongold was also struggling to enter the game on the day of New World’s release, but he had been waiting for the Aeternum setting in New World to load, and the screen was still black. At first, he even thought something went wrong. After confirming that New World would not give him the priority in the queue, he accepted the fact, but when his queue position was displayed on the screen, all this was suffering.

    Streamers can be used as free or cheap promotions for New World, but they can also lead to obvious favoritism. So New World did not give priorities to the streamers, so this seems to be a game that makes players feel equal.

    Although the queue is very long, there are still many lucky players who have entered the game, but in the future, there may be more servers appearing to reduce the queue time. As the game develops, Amazon Games should continue to improve the game to provide a better gaming experience.

    Now that New World has officially launched, you can pay more attention to As a game service website focusing on New World, it will frequently update relevant news in the future so that you can keep up with the latest game trends. If you encounter difficulties in the game (if you have successfully logged in to the game and started to enjoy the game), you can choose to come here to buy New World Coins to enhance your advantage.

  • How To Choose Weapons and Professions In the Early Stage Of New World?

    Sep 28, 2021

    New World is coming soon. Players should be actively looking for relevant game guides in advance., as a game service website focusing on New World, will also follow the feedback of fans and share some tips and tricks.

    Some of the basics

    Food consumption

    Different rations can increase different buffs, such as health/mana regeneration. Some dishes provide additional major stat benefits, but every dish requires other ingredients. The simplest to get usually requires you to skin and quarter some animals. After collecting a few, go to a town and go to a food table, so your health will be regenerated.

    Health Potions

    They can also help you regen HP in battle, but it is difficult to get them early in the game.


    If you are a PvP player, then the camp is very useful. They will save you a lot of time and energy.


    In New World, every profession is upgraded by doing some related things, including collecting herbs, skinning animals, mining, and chopping trees. At this time, New World Coins will also help you in some ways.

    In the long run, skinning your prey, gathering herbs, or mining ore on the path is all helpful.

    How to choose weapons when playing solo?

    Some weapons have proven to be effective, but they all have different advantages and disadvantages when you play solo. If you play with a team, then things will become much easier.

    For the weapon to play its role in the battle, you need to upgrade your weapon mastery. The points are based on the weapon XP obtained after defeating the enemy. The upper limit of the mastery of each weapon is 20.

    As far as the Fire Mage playstyle is concerned, you need to choose a better build to speed it up. So use strength/constitution build. Hatchet+Great Axe will add additional mobility and health regeneration. The Berserk ability can heal you, and its passive trait can also make you immune to some fierce attacks. Great Axe has good crowd control ability and Charge ability, allowing you to cross a long distance.

    Once New World is officially released, you can go directly to to buy New World Coins. In addition, New World Items and Boosting services are available here. There is always one that suits you and can solve your problem in the game.

  • The Time For When Each Region Of New World Goes Live Are Here

    Sep 26, 2021

    The highly anticipated MMO game - New World, will be launched on September 28th, and now it seems to be coming soon. Amazon Games has announced the relevant details so that once New World is officially released, players can start their adventure in Aeternum.

    After two successful tests, New World is ready to be released. If you have been looking forward to it for a long time, you can pre-download the game at 10 am CT on September 27, but now when you can log in, there are more details for you to know. collected some information.

    The available time for each region

    * North America East: 8 am ET

    * North America West: 8 am PT

    * Europe: 8 am CEST

    * South America: 8 am BRT

    * Australia: 9 pm AEST

    Vinespun weapon skins will appear as Twitch drops for the first day, and will last for two weeks. Some streamers will also give some copies to other players for free. If you are interested, you can pay attention to this leaderboard page.

    In addition, Amazon Prime membership will get other benefits on Twitch. New World players can get a variety of free exclusive items through this service, the first is Pirate Packs.

    When will packs be available?

    The first pack will be available when the game is released and will last until November 1. You will get a pirate character skin, a pirate emote, and 5000 Marks of Fortune.

    The second one will go live on October 12th and will last until November 1. It includes more pirate-themed items, such as a pirate sword skin, a finger-across-the-throat emote, and a pack of three crests.

    Now players seem to be preparing for the arrival of the New World. If you want to get more news, you can subscribe to, because we will be able to provide more game content. In addition, once New World is released, New World Coins will be available. If you need it, you can come here anytime to buy New World Coins you need.

  • What's The Cap Of Players On A New World Server?

    Sep 23, 2021

    New World will be released next week, and the developer has now shared the upcoming server worlds on Twitter.

    NA East - 54

    NA West - 22

    Central Europe - 63

    Australia - 11

    South America - 26

    This seems to be a lot, according to the developer: a player will be able to adventure with more than 1,000 other players in Aeternum. In the best case, the game can handle 170,000 players if they are evenly distributed across servers, which is enough to show the ambition of this game. In the New World open beta earlier this month, more than 141,000 players participated in it, so, understandably, Amazon Games has been postponing the game time and time again to make the game perfect.

    In addition, some servers provide suggested languages to help players decide where they want to play. New World will officially launch on September 28, and finally, after several delays, it will arrive. Tests before the release show that players are still interested in MMO games, so look forward to the feedback you will get after the release of New World.

    At that time, will also pay attention to player feedback in time, whether it is praise or criticism. Of course, we will also provide corresponding game guidance and New World Boosting services, to help players smoothly overcome the difficulties in the game.

    In addition, you can also come here to buy New World Coins. As early as the game open beta, players have realized the importance of New World Coins. also promises that once the game starts, cheap New World Coins will be available here.

  • Which Are The Best Cosmetics In New World?

    Sep 19, 2021

    In New World, you can explore the game world with all the drops you get and the things you made. Players want to pursue the best cosmetics, will provide some relevant tips.

    Amazon Games confirmed that New World will have a game store selling cosmetics. Some equipment will be visually on par with endgame gear. This means that when you walk around Aeternum, outfitting these things will make you look cooler. But their role is only decoration, and will not bring you buffs.

    After New World is released on September 28th, you can expect the following cosmetics:

    * Themed apparel - apply to your armor pieces

    * Weapon skins - apply to your weapons

    * Housing decor - fixtures to your home

    * House pets - little critters in your home

    * Dye packs - recolor your gear with them

    * Emotes - apply to socialize with others

    * Company crests - customize your guild’s insignia

    Pre-launch cosmetics

    In the beta stages, some cosmetics are available, but some cosmetics are no longer normally available, and they become rare items.

    In most cases, these cosmetics come from Twitch Drops. For example, the Golden Rage armor skin can only be obtained in a closed beta. In addition, Streamers participating in the closed beta event will receive the Vinespun weapon skin in the first week after the release of New World, which is Twitch Drop.

    How to Get New World cosmetics through Twitch Drops?

    If you don't want to spend your New World Coins, you can try to get them through Twitch Drops, as long as you are lucky enough.

    You just need to go to the New World Twitch Drops page, log in to your Twitch account, then link your Twitch and Steam accounts, and make sure that Twitch Drops is enabled. You may get Vinespun weapon skins while watching certain Streamers.

    Once New World is officially released, will become active. It will not only provide New World-related game guidance but also cheap New World Coins to help players immerse themselves in the game world faster.

  • Everything you should know about New World Coins

    Sep 17, 2021

    About Amazon's New World MMO

    New World is developed by Amazon Games Studios, it can be said the most expected MMORPG in 2021. The game will be released on September 28, 2021 (Updated, it delayed due to the feedbacks of closed beta), only available on PC platform. Players can buy this game from Amazon or Steam.

    The story of New World takes place in the American continent during the colonial period of the 17th century. Players will be send to an island called Aeternum and experience exciting adventures. Of course, this supernatural island located in the Atlantic Ocean is fictitious in setting, but the many dangers hidden in its wide range are very real to players. The game developer said that New World will include classic elements such as action and role-playing, while providing players with large-scale PvP battle scenes and a rich crafting system. Whether you are a PvP lover or a loyal PvE player, you can get the content you want.

    What is New World Coins?

    The economy in New World is player driven and there are two kinds of currency in the game - Azoth and Coin. New World Coins is the main currency in the game that can be used to trade with other players. If you want to buy anything with coin or sell items to earn coin, it must be done at the Trading Post - an Auction House in New World' version. If you have enough free time, you have many ways to get it, such as completing quests or town projects. But if you want to save time and money, buying New World Coins directly on a third-party website is the best choice.

    Where to buy Cheap New World Coins? is specializing in selling New World Coins, and has experienced suppliers and player teams to provide support, so we have room to provide users with more discounts. Our staff will adjust the prices according to market conditions everyday to ensure that you can buy New World Coins with the lowest price. If you register as a member of, you will get a discount of up to 5% when paying.

    How fast could it be to deliver orders?

    Fast delivery speed of New World Coins allows users to get a better shopping experience, and this is also one of the advantages of Our delivery team is on standby around the clock, make full use of the comprehensive delivery system to process each user's order in a timely manner.

    Is it safe to buy coin from

    We fully consider the safety of users' funds, so we cooperate with the most secure companies to provide the most popular multiple secure payment methods. We attach great importance to users' privacy and promise not to sell users' personal information. The most important thing is that all the cheap New World Coins we sell is obtained manually through legal means and does not violate the rules of the game. You can buy with confidence without worrying about your account being banned.

  • A New World Player Discovers The Boundary Of The Game World!

    Sep 15, 2021

    The open beta of Amazon Games' New World has ended, but participating players have discovered more information. On the first day of the open beta, this game ushered in more than 141,000 players, enough to see how popular it is. The purpose of the open beta is to allow players to test the boundaries of the game. Fortunately, some players have found it. A player found the edge of the map and revealed the consequences of crossing the border.

    A Reddit player uploaded a video. In the video, his character is approaching a translucent yellow wall, which is the edge of the game world. The moment he crossed the wall, his health began to drain rapidly, disappearing completely in about two seconds. After that, he was in a fallen state, but he was not dead. Technically speaking, he seemed to be resurrected, but it is unlikely that other players would be able to get there to help.

    His post attracted the attention of many players. Some players joked that Amazon is secretly planning to make New World a battle royale game. In addition, there is speculation that this wall is a magical building constructed by one of the New World's many supernatural entities. Another argument is that this is the entrance of New World's first expansion. However, what exactly it is, only after the official release of New World, players personally explored.

    If nothing happens, New World will arrive as scheduled on September 28. Earlier this year, fan feedback on its close beta was mixed, but it still attracted a lot of attention. Once New World is officially released, will update related articles, from the explanation of the game mechanics to providing some helpful tips and tricks.

    And you can also come here to buy New World Coins, which can play a major role as the main currency in the game. As the release date gets closer and closer, fans are even more looking forward to New World. Because Amazon Games wants to perfect the game as much as possible, the release has been postponed several times, so this release seems to bring surprises to players.

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