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  • How to Farm Sandstone in New World

    Nov 12, 2022

    We all know that traveling through the colorful and dangerous world of the New World, you can find and collect many materials, all materials will help you in one way or another at different stages of the game, and if it seems to you that the material is useless at first glance, but it is not. For instance, the Sandstone.

    If you want to create Runeglass gems, you must get Runeglass Cases and Charged Sand. But to start this crafting chain, you must find the key material, Sandstone. Thus tiday our guide is here to help you and tell you where to find Sandstone in New World.

    Like any other material in the New World, you can only get Sandstone in some regions. Other than that, you must complete a few prerequisites. More specifically, you must level up your mining and complete two key quests:

    *Complete the "A Selfless Nature" Main Story quest in Edengrove

    *Finish "Strider of the Sands"

    Once you've completed these quests, you can head to the Brimstone Sands biome and find Sandstone in New World. Although, you need to increase your mining skill to level 105, as you can only get Sandstone after reaching this mark. It will probably take a lot of time to increase the mining level, so we advise you to upgrade your skills from the beginning of the game.

    It is worth noting that New World regions are large, and the Brimstone Sands biome is no exception. Therefore, you will not be able to find Sandstone everywhere, and to farm it efficiently, we advise you to visit the following locations first of all:

    *Castrum Victualis: As you travel west past New Thermopylae, you'll find Sandstone nodes to the southwest and northern parts of Castrum Victualis. There are dozens of ores here for you to farm!

    *Jupiter's Grove and The Great Bazaar: Surrounding these two areas are numerous Sandstone nodes in close proximity. In particular, you'll want to focus north of the Grove, heading towards Neapolis.

    *Beds of Ta-Bitjet: If you don't mind a bit of chaos or are conveniently in the area, you'll find Sandstone surrounding the central part of this area. You can also head north of this area for some extra nodes.

    *Oasis Spontanea: You'll find Sandstone scattered around this entire area. You can venture as far out as the Palace of Nekhbet, Arit-en-Geb or Anhur's Pride for plenty of Sandstone Nodes.

    *Heru Plaza: While this isn't the most convenient spot, it's helpful if you're in the area and want to get some extra resources. In the eastern part of the plaza is a few additional nodes that you can mine. If you're heading towards Serpent's Pass, you'll find some more Sandstone along the way.

    Once you have collected some Sandstone, you can start crafting. Sandstone is help you with many crafting, but the main destination of this material is to be the basis for creating Charged Sand. Then a little more crafting and you can create valuable gems.

    New World is available to play on PC through the official website. If you're interested in learning more about the game, check out and Find the Cheap New World Coins.

  • Updates on New World Bring More Possibilities to the Game

    Nov 09, 2022

    Since New World released last year, there are lots of signs from the game has highlighted many of significant updates are successful so far. This guide details New World's various expansions, content updates, seasonal events, and new gameplay elements that the game has introduced this year.

    Amazon Games had set high expectations and confidences for its flagship MMORPG New World, which initially witnessed a amount of players at launch before New World's player numbers sharply declined shortly after. Many players were problematic with the state of New World's endgame, the number of bugs, or various other issues with gameplay. In an effort to remedy these problems and win back its players, New World has released a series of major updates throughout the year that have improved many aspects of the game while addressing some of the most important bugs.

    To show all these additions, New World has created an informative trailer that goes through the year's major content updates. To kick things off, the trailer shows the game's new Expeditions content that was added earlier in the year, which provides challenging PvE instances with mutators to make things interesting.

    The most important part of trailer must be the various updated weapons that have been brought into the game, such as the Void Gauntlet, Blunderbuss, and New World's recently added Greatsword. Since New World's gameplay revolves around weapon choices rather than traditional MMORPG classes, each new weapon represents a significant boost in playstyle variety.

    On the other hand, significant things need to hightlight must be the various seasonal events the game has hosted in the last year, such as the Winter Convergence Festival or New World's Rabbits Revenge Easter event, where you can get rewards of New World Coins and other stuffs.

    There are still various general improvements made to the game in the future, such as a reworked starting experience with an improved quest flow, new quest types, additional POIs with new enemies, improved storytelling, and better rewards for player activities. Additionally, several of the early-game settlements have gotten facelifts including Monarch's Bluffs and Everfall.

    Thus if you are a MMORPG player, New World is a good game you can not miss currently.

  • Fresh Start Version in New World with Content Updates

    Nov 07, 2022

    Amazon's New World "Fresh Start" servers are now live and to celebrate, you can now buy the MMO for 50 per cent off the usual retail price on Steam. A big array of updates to New World has brought a surge of renewed player interest and positive sentiment for Amazon's MMO.
    Whilst the "fresh" part of the moniker suggests this is a deal that should primarily interest lapsed players, Amazon indicated that the new servers will offer old and new players a chance to completely restart their New World experience as pre-existing high-level characters cannot be transferred in, and a great opportunity for new and lapsed players to experience all that has changed over the game's first year.

    New World launched in September 2021 as one of the most popular games in the history of Steam, with a concurrent player peak of 953k users, the seventh-highest ever recorded on the platform. But over the course of about six months, those player numbers dwindled dramatically, down to daily peaks around the 30k range, which is still a sizeable population for a live game, to be fair. But a range of exploits and technical issues drove many players away, and the slow rollout of new content wasn't enough to bring them back.

    But on October 17, 2022, New World implemented its Brimstone Sands update (opens in new tab), introducing a massive new zone, a completely revamped experience for new players, and more. On November 2, the devs introduced Fresh Start Worlds, a way for new and returning players to get in on the ground floor of untouched servers.

    The new version is made for plyers to enjoy a completely revamped early game experience, new weapons like the Void Gauntlet and Blunderbuss. Less travelling now that early quests have been grouped together with "easier" levelling experience, meaning less grinding and a huge improvement to the overall pacing. On the other hand, you can also use New World Coins as main currency for your trading activities, for many different new items.
    Amazon Games recently celebrated one whole year of New World with a snazzy new infographic that showcased "key highlights from the launch", including confirmation that at the time of its anniversary, New World players had collectively clocked up 569m in-game hours.

    Meanwhile responses from all the new and returning players in the wake of the recent changes are very positive, too. Literally, recent Steam reviews show a 'very positive' rating, compared with the game's 'mixed' response from earlier players.

    Amazon Games recently celebrated one whole year of New World with a snazzy new infographic that showcased "key highlights from the launch", including confirmation that at the time of its anniversary, New World players had collectively clocked up 569m in-game hours.

    It remains to be seen, of course, if New World will keep these players around for the long haul. But the interest in these recent updates does suggest that the MMO has found a solid foundation to bring players back.

  • How to Make the Musket and Rapier Build in New World

    Nov 04, 2022

    Today I will show you the top best meta builds for PVP and PVE in New World, the Musket and Rapier build, which I believe is one of the best DPS builds in the New World. Shortly speaking, let's kick off with the basic thing, hope this guide could help you.

    These are the attributes you want to have.

    Basically this build is structured around doing a lot of damage from very far distance, and at the same time if you get attacked then you can run away or apply even more debuffs to the enemy. So no matter from which level you start using this build, you first of all want to get your dexterity to 300, and then start putting points in intelligence. Then around level 60 you should have 300 dexterity and 150 intelligence.

    Skills & Abilities:
    As the Musket and Rapier is a full glass cannon build, you should go with the light category, the best gear setup is to have one medium chest piece and then the rest light armor. Then the first weapon which is the musket, for the Sharpshooter page, you should unlock the first ability called the powder burn, then afterwards get the second ability called the shooter stance and then lastly get the third ability called the sticky shot.

    Then going over to the second weapon, the Rapier. Everything you need is on the pic as well.

    For the musket you want to use the pristine Ruby Geam.

    Then for your Rapier get the aquamarine gem.

    Lastly for all of your gear the Onyx is a good choice.

    All those gems are not very rare or hard to obtain, but if you really lack of New World Coins, you can click the link and buy some cheap ones.

    Now let's go over to the gameplay, where I'll show you the best way to play this build and how to get out your abilities to the highest damage as possible as you can.

    For the first weapon we have the musket, the first Q ability is called the powder burn, which overloads her musket with gunpowder, dealing increased damage. On the other hand, the enemy get hit will get the burning effect which will be doing damage over time.

    The second ability is called the shooter's stance, when you activate makes your character enter a new shooting position, which deals more damage and gives you the option to shoot fire bullets and reduce reloading time.

    The third ability is called the sticky shot which throws a short range shot that sticks to the Target, and after 3 seconds it will explode which will deal a bunch of damage in 3 meter range.

    The second weapon which is the rapier. The first q spell is called the Evade, which by activating makes you invulnerable for a split second.

    Then the second ability is called the Tondo, that slashes your enemy for 5 meter range and the strike will apply a blade effect on the enemy dealing 85 weapon damage for the next 12 seconds, and this bleed can stack up to 3 times.

    Then lastly we have the Fleche ability which deals damage and provides a small slash dash.

    Then moving over to the combat, just like I've mentioned at the start this build is mainly meant for doing super high damage from very far distance. So most of the time while fighting in open world or any other PVP or PVE, you mainly should stay very far away from the enemy, keep on using the musket in your normal light attacks with the powder burn and the shooter's stance abilities.

    But if you are in a 1v1 or perhaps if you get attacked, first of all throw the sticky shot and make your target explode, then afterwards switch to their Rapier, and run from the enemy with the Fleche ability. You can also dash close to him with the same ability, and then just keep on using the tando, that's about it.

    Generally speaking, you can deal decent damage by using your musket powder burn and the sticky shot, you'll apply burning and damage effects to the enemy and then when you switch the Rapier and use the tando Ability you make the enemy Target bleed even more. For my last and final conclusions for this build, this Musket and Rapier weapon combination is the highest damage build in the game, and with the abilities and perks we have selected we mainly focus on the light attack damage.

  • Major Changes About New World Coins Delivery - You Need To Know

    Sep 23, 2022

    Recently, New World official has imposed certain restrictions on the transaction method of in-game currency (Coin). Newworldcoins has also made changes to the delivery method of New World Coins on the website in accordance with the changes in the official policy.

    Now when you place an order to buy New World Coins (any server), in the shopping cart interface, in the "DELIVERY INFORMATION" column you need to fill in, the original "Face To Face" has become the current "Auction House". You need to be aware of this change or we may not be able to successfully deliver your order.

    Additional Notes:
    1. Please List An Equipment (Such As Clothes, Shoes, Weapons)
    2. We Do Not Cover The Listing Fee And Sales Fee

    Screenshot of the existing delivery method: employs a number of strategies to ensure that the process of purchasing products on the site is secure, so this site is very player friendly and easy to use. Buy New World Coins from to ensure you are always on top.

  • New World: Extravaganza Event Preview

    Jun 14, 2022

    New World just entered June with the Extravaganza Event, a multi-faceted weekly XP reward event. The recently concluded Double Weapon XP event seems to be just the beginning, and the Extravaganza event will bring more exciting sub-events.

    The first is the ongoing Gathering Skill double experience event. Players can earn double XP from now until June 16 from a series of gathering events. Several collection methods including Fishing, Harvesting, Logging, Mining and Skinning are within the scope of the activity.

    During the time saved in June and early July, we will also enjoy the following bonus:

    1. Refining Bonus XP

    We will be able to speed up the refining of the Refining Skill between June 20th and June 23rd, including the five activities of Tanning, Weaving, Woodworking, Smelting and Stone cutting. Players who want to improve this skill can once again strengthen the grinding and farming of Refining to maximize the XP bonus.

    2. Double XP Weekend

    This is the climax of the whole of June. Players will be able to receive double Character Level XP rewards between June 23rd and June 16th. This bonus can stack on top of any remaining XP, which will give up to four times the experience. It is worth noting, however, that players who have already reached level 60 will not receive any additional level XP.

    3. XP Extravaganza

    As the name suggests, this is a huge bonus event, and the developer has taken into account the balance between gaming and real-life for many players, bringing all the XP bonuses at the same time during the first weekend of July. include:

    Double Weapon XP

    Double Gathering XP

    Double Refining XP

    Double Character Level XP

    1.25 Crafting XP

    Players will be able to comprehensively improve from July 1st to July 4th and will have the opportunity to try more different possibilities.If you wish to take advantage of this rare bonus event and maximize your profits, you can buy cheap New World Coins at to boost your growth in the Extravaganza event.

  • New World: The June update Preview

    Jun 10, 2022

    The Double XP Event for Weapon Skills has just ended, and players will be able to enjoy more new fun in the upcoming Aeternum. Just yesterday, Dev Team released the latest discussion video from the New World developer team. We can hear from their conversations what's coming in this month's update.

    First, the Tuning Orbs necessary for the expedition will be removed. While these Orbs were originally capable of bringing players a lot of loot and experience in the game, to make it easier for players to access their favorite Expeditions, this mechanism will be removed in the June Update and replaced by a new restriction system, players Look forward to it.

    Second, New World's June Update will also bring new expeditions and loot changes. The development team has added more functional and flexible perks to the skill, even including an effect that "can reduce the randomness of expedition boss loot."

    In addition, Trade Skills will also be improved, and some skills will be upgraded to level 200 or faster. T4 and T5 crafting will also gain more experience when players craft other skills.

    The upcoming series of new mechanics will inject more new vitality into New World. At the same time, the developers also said that they will pay more attention to the feedback of players, and then the development process of New World will be more inclined toward the ideas of the public. will continue to help you with your New World journey, where you can buy cheap New World Coins to prepare for the arrival of new mechanics and systems. In the meantime, you can keep targeting us, and we will bring the latest news from New World.

  • New World: XP Extravaganza Event is now open

    Jun 07, 2022

    While players are still immersed in the fun of the newly updated 3v3 Arena, New World brings a series of brand new activities with the arrival of June. the developer will be offering players a variety of rewards and events throughout June through which players will be able to earn a ton of rewards.

    First up is the Bonus XP Event, where players will be able to earn the dual weapon XP in PvP, completing missions. This event runs from June 6th until June 9th. Players can maximize their character's potential during this period by upgrading weapons and trading skills.

    Weapon types that will receive double XP bonuses in the event include Sword, Rapier, Hatchet, Spear, Great Axe, War Hammer, Bow, Musket, Blunderbuss, Fire Staff, Life Staff, Ice Gauntlet, and Void Gauntlet.

    Meanwhile, players who subscribe to the Priming Game can also get exclusive loot until June 30, including the Crusader of Truth skin and emotes that speak to hands. Enjoy a ton of exclusive content at the same time.

    As New World's May Update brings brand new playable content, players will need to plan their time wisely to earn double XP rewards in every type of battle. will be your best partner in the game, where you can catch the latest news. What's more, you can also buy cheap New World Coins here to have more fun in the New World. We will strive to bring you quality service and more, so stay tuned.

  • New World: The development philosophy behind Arenas revealed

    May 31, 2022

    With the official release of Arenas, which players have been waiting for, players have given positive reviews for the new PvP mode. At the same time, the behind-the-scenes tidbits of a series of content design and development about the new gameplay were also shared.

    The development team originally designed 3v3 Arenas to be much larger than the official release, which resulted in players needing to run around during battles, which gave remote players more advantages. So after two range reductions, it was finally settled on the version we see now, which is a more focused battle mode.

    In general, the core of New World's development team's concept of designing the 3v3 Arenas is to hope that even the battle in a small space can shine. Compared with the situation in the early stage of the PTR, the team introduced the balance adjustment of the healing debuff to weaken the absolute demand of Life Staff in the competition, making the entire Arenas more unique.

    To allow players of different game styles to enjoy the fun of Arenas, the design team provides full Accessibility. Players can choose their favorite mode, such like single player or team battle, and the fun that players can get is not limited to victory, as well as discussion and exchange of strategies. has always been a great helper in your new world progress, where you can buy cheap New World Coins to get a head start in PvP and get more useful information.

  • New World: 3v3 Arenas bring unique reward mechanics

    May 28, 2022

    May has come to an end, and after a few weeks of PTR testing, New World has finally brought the official version of the 3v3 Arenas update. Now, players on various servers can experience the fun of Arenas and New Expedition Mutators.

    In 3v3 Arenas, players will form teams in a "best-of-five" match. Players level 20 and above can access it from the mode menu and can play PvP games anywhere in Aeternum.

    What's more, players who win in PvP will be able to enjoy a new reward mechanism. A new XP and a new currency called Azoth Salt will be introduced into the 3v3 Arenas Rewards Track. PvP XP thresholds will be used to unlock Check Points. When a Checkpoint is reached, players will be able to use Azoth Salt to purchase one of these potential rewards. After purchasing a reward with Azoth Salt, the player's rank in the Early PvP Rewards Track will rise.

    At the same time, the richness of the rewards will rise with the player's rank, and rolling prizes such as weapons, armor and accessories will match the player's progress in their level. The developer has also set up a system where there will be a 50% chance of the type of equipment players are actively equipping when the weapon rolls, up to a maximum of 600 equipment points on the fifth tier.

    The specific equipment level rewards are divided according to the following rules:





    It's worth noting that all types of PvP-specific weapons and armor as rolling prizes will have two to five PvP perks, depending on the level. is dedicated to improving your gaming experience, where you can not only get news but also buy cheap New World Coins here. We will serve you wholeheartedly, and you can contact us at any time.

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