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  • New World: PTR Arenas update coming soon

    May 20, 2022

    To test the upcoming 3v3 Arena in the May Update, Amazon Games released a PTR on April 28, and players can experience this new game mode in advance while giving feedback to the production team to help it improve before the official release.

    This PTR update will begin at 1:00 pm PT on May 20th with a 90-minute PTR server downtime.

    According to the official update notes, this PTR update is aimed at understanding the many changes included in the latest PTR release, bringing gameplay optimizations that cover multiple aspects. Include 3v3 Arena, weapons, rewards and more.

    One of the most worthy of players' attention is the repair and improvement of problems in 3v3 Arena. Following this maintenance, several minor bugs will be fixed, such as 3v3 Arena queuing the wrong game mode name, pressing ESC to leave the reward screen in 3v3 Arenas will display the wrong end-of-match scoreboard and more. At the same time, players will no longer lose rewards due to teammates being dropped in PvP.

    The specific PTR update catalog will be available on the New World official website.

    Although from the overall point of view, no substantial changes have been brought by the update, the improvement in these details can also reflect New World's player-oriented attitude and determination to make the game well.

    Hopefully, this update will bring a boost to the upcoming official game. also wants players to have a smoother gaming experience, so we will provide you with cheap New World Coins to help you advance your game. Welcome to place an order here anytime.

  • New World: On the philosophy behind Expedition Mutators

    May 19, 2022

    Ever since New World introduced Expedition Mutators in its January update, players have been enthusiastic about the Expedition endgame event. As a new mechanism with rich gameplay, it has a great test for players' strategies and builds.

    And just earlier today, Amazon Games released a behind-the-scenes look at the event, revealing the origins and desired outcomes of the Expedition Mutators' design.

    According to Michael Willette, head of World Experience, Expedition Mutators originated from roguelike games. Based on their turn-based battles and randomly generated enemies, they aim to bring unexpected challenges to players.

    It is worth mentioning that the guiding principle for the level design of Mutators is to "encourage all kinds of counterattacks, stimulate teamwork and promote communication." This is very novel, players can join different expeditions through randomly selected Mutators each week, which can further strengthen the importance of strategy, which is also what players want most.

    However, in the actual development process, the production team realized that it is not simply to create a powerful enemy to give players a sense of achievement, but to create a battle difficulty that players feel "just right." But in fact, it is not easy to find this balance, but they solved the puzzle after taking feedback from players. The difficulty of Mutators is not independent but cumulative, and each step will add additional effects, which greatly improves the diversity and playability of the level. Accordingly, players can also have more options to try their favorite characters and team strategies.

    Mutators are still bringing new challenges, if you want to win the battle, getting cheap New World Coins at will help a lot, you can always place an order here and we will provide you with high-quality service.

  • New World: DEVS vs. Creators Stream Event is in progress

    May 13, 2022

    New World May PTR is still in the test, but only some players can experience 3V3 Arenas first. To make new and old players feel Arenas' fun, the game officially invited many popular New World content creators to carry out three weeks of Devs vs. Creators Stream Event.

    As the name suggests, this event is a 3V3 Arenas duel of the game development team and content creator. There will be different content producers and developers joining the competition every week. Players can watch on the Twitch channel.

    Just yesterday, the first game was over. The Creators lineup of the game contains the well -known Dannehtv, Bagginstv and RedByrd; Developers lineups with New World Designer: chris corey and Patrick Smedley, and World Experience Lead, Mike Willet, Remaining matches will start at 11 am on May 19 and May 26 of the World Standard time.

    The most notable thing is that players who watch the live broadcast for two hours can get Twitch Drop. Three supply boxes are waiting for players to get. One live broadcast is dropped, which contains a lot of useful items:

    2 VIARS EACH Containing 1,000 Azoth Salt

    5 Health Potions

    10 Stat Boosting Food

    2 Honing Stones

    2 Gemstone Dust

    2 Oakflesh balms

    3 Random Pieces of Exclusive PVP Focused Gear

    I believe that this competition can fully show the charm of 3V3 Arenas, and Creators and Developers can bring new revelations to everyone in the gameplay. will be committed to providing you with comprehensive services. You can not only get the latest game news here but also buy cheap New World Coins directly to get advanced build for the upcoming 3V3 Arenas.

  • New World: Update 1.4.5 made some changes

    May 11, 2022

    As an MMORPG, after experiencing server failures and player loss, New World pays attention to players' feedback every month and actively rolls out weekly and monthly updates to solve problems and bring players Lots of new content. This week's update is going on as usual, and the 1.4.5 update will be finished today.

    This weekly update mainly brings bug fixes and adjustments to the Great Axe of Insatiable Gravity Well for players.

    The general update mainly fixes the following issues:

    1. Fixed an issue with healing hotkeys in Group Mode that caused the players assigned to each hotkey to change during combat.

    2. Fixed an issue with the Region Transfer button so it displays a more accurate time for when a player can transfer between regions.

    3. Fixed an issue where a character could get locked into an error message when attempting to log in.

    4. Added a speculative fix for an issue that caused players to sometimes encounter a respawn screen with an infinite timer and no respawn. We will continue to monitor the forums to see if players are still encountering this rare issue.

    5. Fixed an issue that allowed some players to instantly respawn and ignore the wave respawn timers during War & Invasion game modes.

    As one of the equipment types of Insatiable Gravity Well, Great Axes have been criticized by players because the high attack damage. For the overall balance of the game, the update 1.4.5 has been adjusted. The production team reduced the weapon damage of the second burst from 125% to 100%; reduced the block stamina damage generated by the second burst of players' base stamina damage by half. Lifesteal based on gear score is also now adjusted to be between 15% and 35%.

    Players are not very optimistic about this update, because there are many more problems that need to be solved that has not been paid attention to. However, this is a small step for Amazon Games, and I believe there will be more exciting content in the next official May update. will continue to provide the latest information on the game, and you can also buy cheap New World Coins here to strengthen your character and have fun in New World.

  • New World: The 1.4.4 update is now complete

    May 07, 2022

    While Amazon Games' focus is on Lost Ark now, the developer still working hard on New World's ups and downs. To bring a perfect experience to players in the official May update, on May 3, New World updated version 1.4.4, which mainly fixed some crafting, weapons and other general problems.

    This 1.4.4 patch fixes a novice-friendly feature where players can use their deleted account names. Because New World's accounts are not summarized according to different servers, but global. So in fact, before this fix, deleted account names were still considered used. And now, this problem no longer bothers players.

    The remaining fixed issues are:

    1. An issue that could cause global events and timers to negatively impact server performance.

    2. An issue where dodge may be permanently disabled after exhaustion.

    3. An issue that could cause the crafting session to fail during high latency.

    4. An issue where shield perks can be applied even without a sword equipped.

    5. Fixed a rare issue that caused Hatchet Berserk and Ice Gauntlet Ice Pylon skills to not end their cooldowns.

    6. Fixed an issue that caused the Sigil of Wealth dialog to pop up when trying to purchase server transfer tokens in some cases.

    Additionally, the stat error for the Tempest's Heart Replica weapon has been fixed, setting its range to be in the 597 to 600 range. Also fixed issues with specific orders causing weapon perks to be disabled, etc.

    The specific update catalog can be queried on the New World official website.

    This 1.4.4 update, although small is also a preparation for the upcoming May new content. will continue to update you with the latest news, and you can also buy cheap New World Coins here to power up your game.

  • New World: May Update PTR is now open

    May 05, 2022

    New World has put a lot of effort into improving and fixing the game so far. To reverse the loss of players, New World has added more new content in past monthly updates, and this time is no exception.

    First and foremost are the new PvP events and rewards. New World will launch 3v3 Arenas, a mode that allows players to freely form a three-person team for five-a-side matches. The tournament is only available to players over level 20 and can be played anywhere in Aeternum. At the same time, in terms of reward mechanisms, the game has created two new currencies: PvP XP and Azoth Salt can be earned and used in PvP-related activities. PvP XP can be used to increase the reward track, and Azoth Salt can be used to draw rewards. After each round of the track reset, the player's PvP level will increase by 1, and more special bonus content and titles will be unlocked after gradually reaching the milestone goal.

    Secondly, this PTR cycle also brings some combat adjustments. To bring the heavy-armor healers in line with other builds, the production team updated the gear load bonus and fixed some lag issues and firing options. All of this means that in addition to the PvP realm, PvE mode can also benefit from it.

    The PTR can be previewed via a standalone client, and players can download the New World Public Test Realm app on Steam, and everyone with a copy of New World will automatically gain access. In addition, entering the PTR, after creating a new character, you will get a cache of multiple special weapons and armors, which players need to pay a little attention.

    It has to be said that this update is the right step for Amazon Games. It has been a week since the release of the PTR. Overall, the evaluation of players is very positive. Many people praised the excellent experience and rich rewards of the 3v3 Arena. I believe that after the official version is launched, it will be perfected through the improvement of details.

    Not only can you get the latest news on the game at, but you can also buy cheap New World Coins. We will continue to support your needs in the process of game improvement, and you are welcome to buy it!

  • New World: April Update has been released

    Apr 26, 2022

    When Amazon Games released New World, it had a bad start. It faced problems such as poor game reviews and many bugs in the game, which led to the loss of a large number of active players. So after that, New World held a lot of special events, such as free weekends, etc. to attract players to return, but the most effective one is that it releases a patch every month to solve the requests from players and fix bugs.

    And now that New World's monthly big patch has been released, the downtime for this April update will last for two hours, starting at 5 AM PT. This update mainly focuses on improving the quality of life features, and the production team has fixed dozens of bugs to bring players a smoother New World experience.

    First, the user interface and experience have been improved accordingly. Most notably, the production team has added a targeted healing hotkey. Because the therapist's work has always been a difficult task for the team. In the previous version, it was difficult for the player as a therapist to accurately treat the player responsible for damage output in the fierce war. With this update, Players can be accurately targeted to replenish life for the correct teammates.

    Secondly, to reduce the time for players to find places on the map, the game has set up the function of entering settlements, and the map will automatically zoom in and position; at the same time, the position of the items marked in the crafting menu has been updated to reduce the occlusion of the image.

    Detailed updates and catalogs can be found on the game's official website.

    It can be seen that the fixes to a series of quality-of-life issues in the April update of New World are a manifestation of the developers improving the game from the details and putting the user experience first. I believe that New World can also continuously improve player satisfaction in multiple updates and become a good game with an excellent reputation. will also be continuously updated with the latest game news, so stay tuned to us. In addition, we can provide you with cheap New World Coins to make your Aeternum experience even better.

  • New World Launches Paid Server Transfer Feature

    Apr 24, 2022

    New World To ensure a stable gaming experience for players around the world, Amazon Games carried out server consolidation work a few days ago, involving multiple servers in Central Europe, Eastern and Western America, and Australia.

    Yesterday, Amazon Games issued a statement saying that they have now completed the merger of free servers, and the next step is to focus on merging servers with less population. Depending on the needs of players, New World has now introduced a paid server transfer feature.

    The launch of this feature is mainly due to feedback from some players. After all, playing on a server with a small population is difficult to organize and interact with some large faction-based battles. In response to this issue, players can get server transfer tokens for $14.99 to change regions or server selections.

    It should be noted that area transfers will only be allowed to players who own a house above level 25. When transferring, the original character items and mission progress will also be transferred. Moreover, only one server transfer token can be purchased at a time, and the first 24-hour cooling period is required to purchase again. Servers showing "full" and "no transfer" will not be transferred.

    The feature will be available after a maintenance downtime on April 25.

    In general, players have a negative attitude towards the paid transfer function launched by Amazon Games this time. Many players said that any game server transfer should not be charged. However, some players believe that this provides convenience for players who play in a less populated environment.

    Despite mixed reviews, Amazon Games always provides services that enhance the player's gaming experience, and is no exception, we are always committed to providing cheap New World Coins for sale. You can continue to follow us for New World's news.

  • Amazon Games launches New World Best Aeternum Abode Event

    Apr 22, 2022

    To enhance the fun of the game, Amazon Games has recently launched a lot of interesting activities. Rabbit hunting season isn't over yet, and new Creative Contests have begun. The competition, which runs until April 25, provides players with a great opportunity to show off their creativity in the game.

    As we all know, New World allows players to own a piece of land and dwell within the territory. Owning a house in a realm means that the player becomes a resident under the direction of the local Governor and Consuls. Players can craft furniture to decorate the house.

    The way to enter the competition is very simple. Players only need to take a few photos of the renovated house, tweet their game account name, server and the world, and tag "BestAeternumAbode" to participate in the competition. The judges will select three outstanding entries from the entries, and the winning players will be rewarded with pets and furniture items.

    Many players showed interest in this game, and some even said, "This game is totally for me!"They all showed their decorative talents. Now you can see a lot of wonderful works on New World's official Twitter.

    If you also want to show your home decorating skills to the residents of Aeternum, don't miss out on this contest. will provide you with New World Coins/Items to support your home decorating process. We will continue to update the latest news from New World, please stay tuned.

  • New World will launch 3v3 Arenas in the next update

    Apr 19, 2022

    To improve the situation of player loss, New World has made a lot of efforts recently. Not long after the last Easter special event updates, Amazon Games released a teaser for the next update.

    The New World production team is back with an April developer video discussing what needs to be improved in the next update. Unlike the last major update, the next update will be more about quality of life improvements and feature enhancements.

    New World has had 1,500 bug fixes since February, and the developers continue to receive feedback from players and use artificial intelligence learning tools to make the game more inclusive of differences between players.

    Most notably, the production team says they are working on 3v3 Arenas, along with a new PvP reward mechanism: a new PvP currency called SALT is coming soon. 3v3 Arenas will take place in a BO5 format where players can join the battle individually or as a team.

    Considering the positive response of players to the previous free weekend and double XP weekend events, the production team said that more similar events will be carried out in the future.

    It is believed that these measures can attract more new players to New World and bring new vitality. Newworldcoins is committed to providing players with cheap New World Coins in preparation for the upcoming updates, and you can stay tuned to for the latest news.

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