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How to Farm Sandstone in New World

We all know that traveling through the colorful and dangerous world of the New World, you can find and collect many materials, all materials will help you in one way or another at different stages of the game, and if it seems to you that the material is useless at first glance, but it is not. For instance, the Sandstone.

If you want to create Runeglass gems, you must get Runeglass Cases and Charged Sand. But to start this crafting chain, you must find the key material, Sandstone. Thus tiday our guide is here to help you and tell you where to find Sandstone in New World.

How to Farm Sandstone in New World5

Like any other material in the New World, you can only get Sandstone in some regions. Other than that, you must complete a few prerequisites. More specifically, you must level up your mining and complete two key quests:

*Complete the "A Selfless Nature" Main Story quest in Edengrove

*Finish "Strider of the Sands"

Once you've completed these quests, you can head to the Brimstone Sands biome and find Sandstone in New World. Although, you need to increase your mining skill to level 105, as you can only get Sandstone after reaching this mark. It will probably take a lot of time to increase the mining level, so we advise you to upgrade your skills from the beginning of the game.

It is worth noting that New World regions are large, and the Brimstone Sands biome is no exception. Therefore, you will not be able to find Sandstone everywhere, and to farm it efficiently, we advise you to visit the following locations first of all:

*Castrum Victualis: As you travel west past New Thermopylae, you'll find Sandstone nodes to the southwest and northern parts of Castrum Victualis. There are dozens of ores here for you to farm!

*Jupiter's Grove and The Great Bazaar: Surrounding these two areas are numerous Sandstone nodes in close proximity. In particular, you'll want to focus north of the Grove, heading towards Neapolis.

*Beds of Ta-Bitjet: If you don't mind a bit of chaos or are conveniently in the area, you'll find Sandstone surrounding the central part of this area. You can also head north of this area for some extra nodes.

*Oasis Spontanea: You'll find Sandstone scattered around this entire area. You can venture as far out as the Palace of Nekhbet, Arit-en-Geb or Anhur's Pride for plenty of Sandstone Nodes.

*Heru Plaza: While this isn't the most convenient spot, it's helpful if you're in the area and want to get some extra resources. In the eastern part of the plaza is a few additional nodes that you can mine. If you're heading towards Serpent's Pass, you'll find some more Sandstone along the way.

Once you have collected some Sandstone, you can start crafting. Sandstone is help you with many crafting, but the main destination of this material is to be the basis for creating Charged Sand. Then a little more crafting and you can create valuable gems.

New World is available to play on PC through the official website. If you're interested in learning more about the game, check out and Find the Cheap New World Coins.

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