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New World: Extravaganza Event Preview

New World just entered June with the Extravaganza Event, a multi-faceted weekly XP reward event. The recently concluded Double Weapon XP event seems to be just the beginning, and the Extravaganza event will bring more exciting sub-events.

The first is the ongoing Gathering Skill double experience event. Players can earn double XP from now until June 16 from a series of gathering events. Several collection methods including Fishing, Harvesting, Logging, Mining and Skinning are within the scope of the activity.

During the time saved in June and early July, we will also enjoy the following bonus:

1. Refining Bonus XP

We will be able to speed up the refining of the Refining Skill between June 20th and June 23rd, including the five activities of Tanning, Weaving, Woodworking, Smelting and Stone cutting. Players who want to improve this skill can once again strengthen the grinding and farming of Refining to maximize the XP bonus.

2. Double XP Weekend

This is the climax of the whole of June. Players will be able to receive double Character Level XP rewards between June 23rd and June 16th. This bonus can stack on top of any remaining XP, which will give up to four times the experience. It is worth noting, however, that players who have already reached level 60 will not receive any additional level XP.

3. XP Extravaganza

As the name suggests, this is a huge bonus event, and the developer has taken into account the balance between gaming and real-life for many players, bringing all the XP bonuses at the same time during the first weekend of July. include:

Double Weapon XP

Double Gathering XP

Double Refining XP

Double Character Level XP

1.25 Crafting XP

Players will be able to comprehensively improve from July 1st to July 4th and will have the opportunity to try more different possibilities.If you wish to take advantage of this rare bonus event and maximize your profits, you can buy cheap New World Coins at to boost your growth in the Extravaganza event.

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