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How to Make the Musket and Rapier Build in New World

Today I will show you the top best meta builds for PVP and PVE in New World, the Musket and Rapier build, which I believe is one of the best DPS builds in the New World. Shortly speaking, let's kick off with the basic thing, hope this guide could help you.

These are the attributes you want to have.

How to Make the Musket and Rapier Build in New World1

Basically this build is structured around doing a lot of damage from very far distance, and at the same time if you get attacked then you can run away or apply even more debuffs to the enemy. So no matter from which level you start using this build, you first of all want to get your dexterity to 300, and then start putting points in intelligence. Then around level 60 you should have 300 dexterity and 150 intelligence.

Skills & Abilities:
As the Musket and Rapier is a full glass cannon build, you should go with the light category, the best gear setup is to have one medium chest piece and then the rest light armor. Then the first weapon which is the musket, for the Sharpshooter page, you should unlock the first ability called the powder burn, then afterwards get the second ability called the shooter stance and then lastly get the third ability called the sticky shot.

How to Make the Musket and Rapier Build in New World2

Then going over to the second weapon, the Rapier. Everything you need is on the pic as well.

How to Make the Musket and Rapier Build in New World3

For the musket you want to use the pristine Ruby Geam.

How to Make the Musket and Rapier Build in New World4

Then for your Rapier get the aquamarine gem.

How to Make the Musket and Rapier Build in New World5

Lastly for all of your gear the Onyx is a good choice.

How to Make the Musket and Rapier Build in New World6

All those gems are not very rare or hard to obtain, but if you really lack of New World Coins, you can click the link and buy some cheap ones.

Now let's go over to the gameplay, where I'll show you the best way to play this build and how to get out your abilities to the highest damage as possible as you can.

For the first weapon we have the musket, the first Q ability is called the powder burn, which overloads her musket with gunpowder, dealing increased damage. On the other hand, the enemy get hit will get the burning effect which will be doing damage over time.

The second ability is called the shooter's stance, when you activate makes your character enter a new shooting position, which deals more damage and gives you the option to shoot fire bullets and reduce reloading time.

The third ability is called the sticky shot which throws a short range shot that sticks to the Target, and after 3 seconds it will explode which will deal a bunch of damage in 3 meter range.

The second weapon which is the rapier. The first q spell is called the Evade, which by activating makes you invulnerable for a split second.

Then the second ability is called the Tondo, that slashes your enemy for 5 meter range and the strike will apply a blade effect on the enemy dealing 85 weapon damage for the next 12 seconds, and this bleed can stack up to 3 times.

Then lastly we have the Fleche ability which deals damage and provides a small slash dash.

Then moving over to the combat, just like I've mentioned at the start this build is mainly meant for doing super high damage from very far distance. So most of the time while fighting in open world or any other PVP or PVE, you mainly should stay very far away from the enemy, keep on using the musket in your normal light attacks with the powder burn and the shooter's stance abilities.

But if you are in a 1v1 or perhaps if you get attacked, first of all throw the sticky shot and make your target explode, then afterwards switch to their Rapier, and run from the enemy with the Fleche ability. You can also dash close to him with the same ability, and then just keep on using the tando, that's about it.

Generally speaking, you can deal decent damage by using your musket powder burn and the sticky shot, you'll apply burning and damage effects to the enemy and then when you switch the Rapier and use the tando Ability you make the enemy Target bleed even more. For my last and final conclusions for this build, this Musket and Rapier weapon combination is the highest damage build in the game, and with the abilities and perks we have selected we mainly focus on the light attack damage.

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