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New World: The June update Preview

The Double XP Event for Weapon Skills has just ended, and players will be able to enjoy more new fun in the upcoming Aeternum. Just yesterday, Dev Team released the latest discussion video from the New World developer team. We can hear from their conversations what's coming in this month's update.

First, the Tuning Orbs necessary for the expedition will be removed. While these Orbs were originally capable of bringing players a lot of loot and experience in the game, to make it easier for players to access their favorite Expeditions, this mechanism will be removed in the June Update and replaced by a new restriction system, players Look forward to it.

Second, New World's June Update will also bring new expeditions and loot changes. The development team has added more functional and flexible perks to the skill, even including an effect that "can reduce the randomness of expedition boss loot."

In addition, Trade Skills will also be improved, and some skills will be upgraded to level 200 or faster. T4 and T5 crafting will also gain more experience when players craft other skills.

The upcoming series of new mechanics will inject more new vitality into New World. At the same time, the developers also said that they will pay more attention to the feedback of players, and then the development process of New World will be more inclined toward the ideas of the public. will continue to help you with your New World journey, where you can buy cheap New World Coins to prepare for the arrival of new mechanics and systems. In the meantime, you can keep targeting us, and we will bring the latest news from New World.

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