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New World has become the most successful hit in the game field

As one of the largest companies in the world, Amazon's commercial capabilities are undoubtedly large enough to support its CEO's space travel. But in recent years, in order to make a breakthrough in the game field and streaming subscription service, Amazon has begun to try to enter the video games market. Judging from the past, these attempts are not ideal, and it has been struggling.

The acquisition of Twitch is a successful operation for Amazon. Although its profits are not enough to compete with rivals such as YouTube, it also helped them gain a firm foothold in the game field. But in terms of game development, they have experienced failure again and again, and projects such as The Grand Tour Game, Breakaway and Crucible have disappeared. And all the failures and difficulties seemed to be the light that New World saw at the end of the tunnel.

New World is a truly large-scale MMO. It was delayed many times during the development phase because of the project's engineering volume. Until recently, the devs team announced that the game will be officially released on August 31. In the early stages of the development process, because some people accused the game of colonial themes, they were forced to cut this aspect of the content. In fact, this does make New World more acceptable, although it still has an early colonial atmosphere, but as a whole it exists as a fantasy-based MMO.

And it still hopes to get better, because the game is still in the closed beta stage. The well-known streamer Asmongold has joined the adventure as a long-term World of Warcraft Classic representative player, and there are more players from different games joining the beta.

The success of New World is very obvious on Twitch. During the closed beta period, it has been the most popular game on Twitch. It is also very likely to become Amazon's first successful MMORPG, because it does very well in all aspects (except for breaking some EVGA RTX 3090, but the development team also quickly released a patch to solve this problem).

Compared with World of Warcraft and FF XIV, New World has another advantage, that is, the game does not need to pay a monthly subscription fee. Players only need to purchase the game on Amazon or Steam to play freely. This is a point that many players appreciate very much. Prior to this, the subscription model has always been the main source of income for this type of MMO. But on the other hand, New World game director has made it clear that there are microtransactions in the game, which worries some players - some historical examples have proved that games with microtransactions tend to become pay-2-win in the end. The devs team claims that the in-game store will only sell pure cosmetics items and will not provide players with buffs. We can figure out how microtransactions will be launched after the game is officially released.

In general, New World's current performance is sufficient for the team to break the spell of game failure unless its finished product has catastrophic consequences. Want to know more about the latest news and guides about New World? You should visit NewWorldCoins and bookmark the site, because they will provide players with professional third-party services, including cheap New World Coins, after the official launch of New World on August 31.

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