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New World 2022 Roadmap Info: New content is on the way

You can probably expect New World to offer something new in 2022, and you can see from the developer' recently released developers roundtable that the developers are looking forward to making the game even better through their efforts. Read on to find out what's new in the New World 2022 Roadmap. You can also follow for more New World news and guides.

You can see the developers detailing the March update called Heart Of Madness in this hour-long video. Whether it's the new Blunderbuss weapon or the 3v3 PvP arena is enough to keep New World loyal fans excited, not to mention the expanded PvP rewards.

If you've been through the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition before, I'm sure you'll be impressed by a character named Isabella. After the update, Isabella also appeared in the new Tempest's Heart quest. The developers have gone into great detail about Isabella's story and what's behind it, and now you finally understand why she's at the heart of this quest. If you want to participate in this endgame expedition, you'd better find 4 reliable teammates. All team members need to be level 60 and have a gear score of at least 550.

After spring, you can also look forward to the new summer expedition at New World. Because the development team confirmed in the video that Barnacles And Black Powder will be introduced to the game in a few months, the expedition is pirate-themed. Players will also get a new summer event, but they haven't revealed what that event will be about. In addition, the new LFG tool will provide effective assistance for your participation in expeditions.

New World was released at the end of September 2021, so this fall will mark the first anniversary of the game's release. Players will then get a larger world map, and the Brimstone Sands region will also expand to the surrounding area. A new weapon will be available to players after the fall update, the long-awaited Greatsword, which has its ability trees and moveset. Two new events will arrive in the fall, and their names have been confirmed as Nightvale Hallow and Turkulon 2022. A new expedition called Ennead will be available to players at that time.

If you've been expecting the developer to offer you paid cross-region transfers, there's a real chance you might, as the developers mention in the video that they already have plans for this. Plus, your inventory will be able to be transferred between chests for free without restrictions, giving you more freedom to choose your faction.

Considering that New World still has many players who focus on single-player content, New World’s game director Scot Lane said in the game that they will continue to provide better single-player content, including new quests and quest types. Players can explore the world of the New World and learn more about Aeternum's secrets by completing these interesting quest-lines.

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