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New World Updates New Content Fixes Old Problems

While fans will have to wait for New World's new content to hit the live servers, a ton of fixes have been made.

New World is set to release update 1.3.4 this week, and while it won't contain any major content additions, the new patch will address the issues currently plaguing the game. The patch, due out later today, includes general fixes to weapons, trade skills, wars, expeditions, and more.

The update fixes weapons, including the sword's jump strike, so the ability should no longer be interrupted if you get hit with a light hit. Gloves of the Void Fixed Refresh Harvest and fixed damage reduction to limit passively reducing damage from Harvest Essence.

Some fixes apply to various aspects of the expedition. A change fixed a bug that prevented players from progressing in the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition. For those using swords, jumping strikes will no longer be interrupted by light strikes. Gauntlets of the Void have also changed. Also, in this update, Refresh Harvest got a passive fix, so it only reduces the cooldown on Harvest Essence damage. Expeditions made some changes. It's worth noting that the glyph puzzles in the Lazarus Instrument Crusade have been fixed, as an issue was preventing players from progressing.

Several Expedition Orb changes have been made in-game, including Mutant Expedition Adjustment Orbs being sold every three days instead of weekly. Likewise, the Genesis Garden and Lazarus Instrument Expedition Tuning Balls will be offered every three days instead of every day. Some input issues have also been fixed. One of them is seeing players useability before cycling their weapon, which will trigger that ability slot on the new weapon. Another fix will see crowd control effects now clear the new world input buffer on the first cast.

Speaking of PvP, here are some fixes as well. If the defense company had no members, the war would not have happened. Also, if the server is down during a siege or is in maintenance mode, the war fee will not be refunded. Both of these should work fine after the update.

The New World fix covers several known issues and follows some community requests, such as refunding war costs. These changes are mainly to keep things working as intended, but also help make PvP and endgame content more viable. While there have been some fixes regarding crafting and resources affecting logging, the EXP curve has been reworked to speed up progress, especially early in the game, and crafting. At the same time, we will also provide you with a new New World Coins purchase plan based on the new update content.

Other changes that have been made are trade skill records, an issue related to crafting stations, and finally some minor issues that plagued the war. You can also get more information on

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