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New World Downtime Announced For Update 1.1.2

As the devs team rolls out update 1.1.2, New World will usher in a few hours of downtime.

This patch includes some minor changes to the game, which will prepare the server for merging in the near future and fix housing issues that occurred around patch 1.1.1. The "Turkey Terror" world event will also be canceled, but according to the patch notes, it will return to New World in the future.

Now that the housing issues in New World have been remedied, affected players can re-purchase and use the houses that were rolled back during the fix. You can also pay taxes for any houses you own that are affected by recent issues. So sufficient New World Coins are necessary in this process, it will make your process in New World orderly and smoother.

The downtime for update 1.1.2 starts at 1:00 AM CT and runs for approximately 3 hours. Once the server is back online, these changes are already available. The devs team has been working hard to improve the game experience of New World. Regardless of whether these changes can satisfy players or not, they have been giving a positive attitude to players' feedback, which is commendable. Of course, if they want to bring players a better gaming experience, they still need to work harder. Now New World is one of the most popular MMO games, so the development team only needs to maintain the status quo and listen to the opinions of the players. Just make some additions to the game.

In general, for devs team, they still have a long way to go. will track related news, if there are some major changes or new additions, we will update the news in time. So if you are a New World player, you can often come here to browse the news.

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