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New World Launches Paid Server Transfer Feature

New World To ensure a stable gaming experience for players around the world, Amazon Games carried out server consolidation work a few days ago, involving multiple servers in Central Europe, Eastern and Western America, and Australia.

Yesterday, Amazon Games issued a statement saying that they have now completed the merger of free servers, and the next step is to focus on merging servers with less population. Depending on the needs of players, New World has now introduced a paid server transfer feature.

The launch of this feature is mainly due to feedback from some players. After all, playing on a server with a small population is difficult to organize and interact with some large faction-based battles. In response to this issue, players can get server transfer tokens for $14.99 to change regions or server selections.

It should be noted that area transfers will only be allowed to players who own a house above level 25. When transferring, the original character items and mission progress will also be transferred. Moreover, only one server transfer token can be purchased at a time, and the first 24-hour cooling period is required to purchase again. Servers showing "full" and "no transfer" will not be transferred.

The feature will be available after a maintenance downtime on April 25.

In general, players have a negative attitude towards the paid transfer function launched by Amazon Games this time. Many players said that any game server transfer should not be charged. However, some players believe that this provides convenience for players who play in a less populated environment.

Despite mixed reviews, Amazon Games always provides services that enhance the player's gaming experience, and is no exception, we are always committed to providing cheap New World Coins for sale. You can continue to follow us for New World's news.

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