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New World: April Update has been released

When Amazon Games released New World, it had a bad start. It faced problems such as poor game reviews and many bugs in the game, which led to the loss of a large number of active players. So after that, New World held a lot of special events, such as free weekends, etc. to attract players to return, but the most effective one is that it releases a patch every month to solve the requests from players and fix bugs.

And now that New World's monthly big patch has been released, the downtime for this April update will last for two hours, starting at 5 AM PT. This update mainly focuses on improving the quality of life features, and the production team has fixed dozens of bugs to bring players a smoother New World experience.

First, the user interface and experience have been improved accordingly. Most notably, the production team has added a targeted healing hotkey. Because the therapist's work has always been a difficult task for the team. In the previous version, it was difficult for the player as a therapist to accurately treat the player responsible for damage output in the fierce war. With this update, Players can be accurately targeted to replenish life for the correct teammates.

Secondly, to reduce the time for players to find places on the map, the game has set up the function of entering settlements, and the map will automatically zoom in and position; at the same time, the position of the items marked in the crafting menu has been updated to reduce the occlusion of the image.

Detailed updates and catalogs can be found on the game's official website.

It can be seen that the fixes to a series of quality-of-life issues in the April update of New World are a manifestation of the developers improving the game from the details and putting the user experience first. I believe that New World can also continuously improve player satisfaction in multiple updates and become a good game with an excellent reputation. will also be continuously updated with the latest game news, so stay tuned to us. In addition, we can provide you with cheap New World Coins to make your Aeternum experience even better.

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