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New World: Some existing servers have merged

To support New World's free weekend event on Steam last week, Amazon Game Studio has set up several new free servers to ensure a stable trial experience for new players around the world. Now that the free campaign is over, Amazon has implemented a merger of these new free servers with the existing live servers. At the same time, to provide system support for the new event, the cross-regional real-time servers also be newly integrated.

The scope of this server consolidation mainly involves Central Europe, Eastern US, Western US and Australia.

In Central Europe, Asgard, Hades, Hellheim, Fae and Caer Sidi have merged into Abaton; Styx, Antillia, Utgard and Learad have merged into Aaru; Bifrost, Niflheim, Bengodi and Kor have merged into Tir Na Nog. Lyonesse and Arcturus have merged into Nysa and Tartarus, respectively.

On US East servers, Eden, City of Brass, and Olympus have merged into Marama, Steel Castle, and Oren, respectively. Yaxche, Krocylea, Frislandia, Calnogor and Pyrallis have merged into Valhalla; Oceana, Ys, Zuvendis and Pleroma have merged into Orofena.

On the US West server, Midian, Rivardenera, Diranda, and Ninokuni have merged into the World Tree.

Australia's Lerna and Lagado have merged into Utopia and Delos respectively.

If you use one of the above servers, please note that the merge time is April 15th at 10 AM PT.

You can stay tuned to for more information. Also, Newworldcoins provides you with cheap New World Coins/Items. If you need them, you can contact the customer service of this site at any time.

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