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New World will launch 3v3 Arenas in the next update

To improve the situation of player loss, New World has made a lot of efforts recently. Not long after the last Easter special event updates, Amazon Games released a teaser for the next update.

The New World production team is back with an April developer video discussing what needs to be improved in the next update. Unlike the last major update, the next update will be more about quality of life improvements and feature enhancements.

New World has had 1,500 bug fixes since February, and the developers continue to receive feedback from players and use artificial intelligence learning tools to make the game more inclusive of differences between players.

Most notably, the production team says they are working on 3v3 Arenas, along with a new PvP reward mechanism: a new PvP currency called SALT is coming soon. 3v3 Arenas will take place in a BO5 format where players can join the battle individually or as a team.

Considering the positive response of players to the previous free weekend and double XP weekend events, the production team said that more similar events will be carried out in the future.

It is believed that these measures can attract more new players to New World and bring new vitality. Newworldcoins is committed to providing players with cheap New World Coins in preparation for the upcoming updates, and you can stay tuned to for the latest news.

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