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New World: The development philosophy behind Arenas revealed

With the official release of Arenas, which players have been waiting for, players have given positive reviews for the new PvP mode. At the same time, the behind-the-scenes tidbits of a series of content design and development about the new gameplay were also shared.

The development team originally designed 3v3 Arenas to be much larger than the official release, which resulted in players needing to run around during battles, which gave remote players more advantages. So after two range reductions, it was finally settled on the version we see now, which is a more focused battle mode.

In general, the core of New World's development team's concept of designing the 3v3 Arenas is to hope that even the battle in a small space can shine. Compared with the situation in the early stage of the PTR, the team introduced the balance adjustment of the healing debuff to weaken the absolute demand of Life Staff in the competition, making the entire Arenas more unique.

To allow players of different game styles to enjoy the fun of Arenas, the design team provides full Accessibility. Players can choose their favorite mode, such like single player or team battle, and the fun that players can get is not limited to victory, as well as discussion and exchange of strategies. has always been a great helper in your new world progress, where you can buy cheap New World Coins to get a head start in PvP and get more useful information.

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