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New World: 3v3 Arenas bring unique reward mechanics

May has come to an end, and after a few weeks of PTR testing, New World has finally brought the official version of the 3v3 Arenas update. Now, players on various servers can experience the fun of Arenas and New Expedition Mutators.

In 3v3 Arenas, players will form teams in a "best-of-five" match. Players level 20 and above can access it from the mode menu and can play PvP games anywhere in Aeternum.

What's more, players who win in PvP will be able to enjoy a new reward mechanism. A new XP and a new currency called Azoth Salt will be introduced into the 3v3 Arenas Rewards Track. PvP XP thresholds will be used to unlock Check Points. When a Checkpoint is reached, players will be able to use Azoth Salt to purchase one of these potential rewards. After purchasing a reward with Azoth Salt, the player's rank in the Early PvP Rewards Track will rise.

At the same time, the richness of the rewards will rise with the player's rank, and rolling prizes such as weapons, armor and accessories will match the player's progress in their level. The developer has also set up a system where there will be a 50% chance of the type of equipment players are actively equipping when the weapon rolls, up to a maximum of 600 equipment points on the fifth tier.

The specific equipment level rewards are divided according to the following rules:





It's worth noting that all types of PvP-specific weapons and armor as rolling prizes will have two to five PvP perks, depending on the level. is dedicated to improving your gaming experience, where you can not only get news but also buy cheap New World Coins here. We will serve you wholeheartedly, and you can contact us at any time.

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