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New World's Into the Void Update Makes Solo Players Being Punished The Most

In the recent period, New World is not going well because of some serious glitches and some design choices that ultimately hindered the players’ fun. One of the bugs is about duplicating gold and materials, which makes some players infinitely rich.

Moreover, glitches always appear again and again in new forms, affecting the economy of the New World. Based on this, the devs team tried to make up for it, so it released the Into the Void patch, but it did not make the game better.

The loot obtained by defeating enemies in PvE and loot chests has been nerfed. This is why New World has become more of a grind than before. The most hit is the solo players. Because, in New World, it is almost impossible for a solo player to improve Gear Score, because there is no content suitable for a solo player in the game, so they have to find a team to steamroll the content, thereby increasing the watermark.

So in New World, one of the best choices for solo players is gathering and crafting to farm resources, and then buying gear. But solo players are still excluded from the best activities. Although it is possible to obtain better gear, it is not a pleasant experience. Although solo players can obtain the items they need by buy New World Coins, this does not seem to be a long-term solution. The devs team still needs to consider solving the issues in the game.

And all the current issues and the overpowered Musket exploit found by Shroud doesn’t help.

Once the devs team makes changes, will update related articles as soon as possible, and we will also provide some game guidance from time to time, so that your game process can be more smooth.

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