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What's The Cap Of Players On A New World Server?

New World will be released next week, and the developer has now shared the upcoming server worlds on Twitter.

NA East - 54

NA West - 22

Central Europe - 63

Australia - 11

South America - 26

This seems to be a lot, according to the developer: a player will be able to adventure with more than 1,000 other players in Aeternum. In the best case, the game can handle 170,000 players if they are evenly distributed across servers, which is enough to show the ambition of this game. In the New World open beta earlier this month, more than 141,000 players participated in it, so, understandably, the devs team has been postponing the game time and time again to make the game perfect.

In addition, some servers provide suggested languages to help players decide where they want to play. New World will officially launch on September 28, and finally, after several delays, it will arrive. Tests before the release show that players are still interested in MMO games, so look forward to the feedback you will get after the release of New World.

At that time, will also pay attention to player feedback in time, whether it is praise or criticism. Of course, we will also provide corresponding game guidance and New World Boosting services, to help players smoothly overcome the difficulties in the game.

In addition, you can also come here to buy New World Coins. As early as the game open beta, players have realized the importance of New World Coins. also promises that once the game starts, cheap New World Coins will be available here.

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