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Currently, A New World Server Is Fully Owned By A Single Company

It has been 3 months since New World was released, but there are still some problems affecting players' gaming experience. Although devs tteam is also trying to make up for it, it seems to have little effect. has discovered the players' complaints and raised the issues that currently bother the players.

And some players think that merging the New World server is not a good solution, because when a single server has 100 or fewer players, the game's mechanics will be unsustainable.

Not merging servers will also make some servers might end up being managed by selfish Companies, or even by the same Company. Now, this situation has already appeared.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot. As shown in the picture, a New World Company owns every settlement of Aeternum.

This leads to some problems. The travel expenses of players who have not joined the Company Faction will rise a lot, which makes it difficult for them to rank among the best in Azoth and Gold consumption.

In addition, there are costs for crafting, and the same is true for housing. Any company can impose high taxes on them for its benefit.

One of the latest changes in the internal economy of New World is that Players can't get Motes from Elemental Beasts when they are harvested, which is frustrating. Unless devs team changes its policies in dealing with nerfs and overall experience, more and more players will leave the game.

In any case, will continue to provide New World Coins as always, because devs team will not treat this game casually. After that, it should introduce more new things to make the game better and better. This is exactly what players expect to witness.

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