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Thanksgiving Arrives Late To New World, Which Introduces A Giant Turkey

The New World 1.1.1 patch has now arrived. It brought a giant turkey, which had taken over the Aeternum. So you now need to group other players to kill this turkey - Turkulon, Feathered Avenger of Death. This turkey allows you to unlock a new food ingredient with a New World luck food recipe. will provide the specific way, follow it step by step to complete it.

Turkulon, Feathered Avenger of Death

Turkulon is the name of the giant turkey boss wandering in Aeternum. You can team up to fight it, if you can kill it, you will get a new recipe - Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinner, which requires Monstrous turkey leg to make.

To defeat this boss, you need to be vigilant about attacks. It has 3 main skills and you need to master some strategies:

* Lazer beam: It will require the user with aggro to put the shield up and withstand the attack. If not, be prepared to let the healer heal you.

* Peck

* Exploding Egg: Turkulon lays eggs based on the model, and the model explodes later, leaving a fire behind. This is the channel beam emitted from Turkulon's eyes, so it can be easily telegraphed when it happens. Remember to stay away from it when they go off.

The new luck food

You can provide a new lucky food - Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinner for the new Turkey overlord. To craft it, you need the following ingredients:

* 1x Monstrous Turkey Leg

* 5x Potato

* 3x Cooking Oil

* 1x Parsley

* 1x Sage

* 1x Rosemary

* 1x Thyne

When you use these materials and Tier 5 kitchen to craft it, you will get a new 5% luck food buff for 40 minutes. So go hunting for your giant turkey now. During this period, if you need the help of New World Coins, you can come here to buy at any time, and will continue to provide relevant game guidance.

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