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How To Choose Weapons and Professions In the Early Stage Of New World?

New World is coming soon. Players should be actively looking for relevant game guides in advance., as a game service website focusing on New World, will also follow the feedback of fans and share some tips and tricks.

Some of the basics

Food consumption

Different rations can increase different buffs, such as health/mana regeneration. Some dishes provide additional major stat benefits, but every dish requires other ingredients. The simplest to get usually requires you to skin and quarter some animals. After collecting a few, go to a town and go to a food table, so your health will be regenerated.

Health Potions

They can also help you regen HP in battle, but it is difficult to get them early in the game.


If you are a PvP player, then the camp is very useful. They will save you a lot of time and energy.


In New World, every profession is upgraded by doing some related things, including collecting herbs, skinning animals, mining, and chopping trees. At this time, New World Coins will also help you in some ways.

In the long run, skinning your prey, gathering herbs, or mining ore on the path is all helpful.

How to choose weapons when playing solo?

Some weapons have proven to be effective, but they all have different advantages and disadvantages when you play solo. If you play with a team, then things will become much easier.

For the weapon to play its role in the battle, you need to upgrade your weapon mastery. The points are based on the weapon XP obtained after defeating the enemy. The upper limit of the mastery of each weapon is 20.

As far as the Fire Mage playstyle is concerned, you need to choose a better build to speed it up. So use strength/constitution build. Hatchet+Great Axe will add additional mobility and health regeneration. The Berserk ability can heal you, and its passive trait can also make you immune to some fierce attacks. Great Axe has good crowd control ability and Charge ability, allowing you to cross a long distance.

Once New World is officially released, you can go directly to to buy New World Coins. In addition, New World Items and Boosting services are available here. There is always one that suits you and can solve your problem in the game.

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