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New World Won’t Give Any Queue Priorities For Streamer

Fans’ long-awaited New World has been officially released. Players can’t wait to enter the game, so they have already started to wait for the login opportunity, but they have been trapped in massive queues, one of which is Twitch streamer Asmongold, When he found that he was in the 10413 positions in the New World queue, he almost collapsed.

This unexpected situation stems from the fact that New World does not give priority to the steamers queue or the unique accounts. Asmongold has criticized New World's bugs and gameplay flaws before, but what he didn't expect is that in addition to these flaws, the long waiting time is even more speechless. found that a Reddit user shared a related video. Asmongold was also struggling to enter the game on the day of New World’s release, but he had been waiting for the Aeternum setting in New World to load, and the screen was still black. At first, he even thought something went wrong. After confirming that New World would not give him the priority in the queue, he accepted the fact, but when his queue position was displayed on the screen, all this was suffering.

Streamers can be used as free or cheap promotions for New World, but they can also lead to obvious favoritism. So New World did not give priorities to the streamers, so this seems to be a game that makes players feel equal.

Although the queue is very long, there are still many lucky players who have entered the game, but in the future, there may be more servers appearing to reduce the queue time. As the game develops, Amazon Games should continue to improve the game to provide a better gaming experience.

Now that New World has officially launched, you can pay more attention to As a game service website focusing on New World, it will frequently update relevant news in the future so that you can keep up with the latest game trends. If you encounter difficulties in the game (if you have successfully logged in to the game and started to enjoy the game), you can choose to come here to buy New World Coins to enhance your advantage.

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