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How To Craft Higher-tier Versions Of Your New World Weapons

In New World, tools and weapons have different qualities, as reflected by their tier. There are ways to ensure that you produce a higher-tier tool, regardless of whether you have a lower-tier item. From the final effect, this system is more or less like tool upgrades in other games, except that one step has been deleted. will show how to increase your tool and weapon level through better crafting in New World.

How to craft better weapons?

There are many factors related to your character's ability to be manufactured in New World. The available crafting recipes are determined by the various skills of your character, the crafting workstations they can use, and the quality of the resources in their inventory.

For crafting tools and weapons, you need to focus on your weaponsmithing and engineering skills. Arcana is also essential for crafting magic weapons, but the other two skills cover all non-magic weapons and collection tools.

The crafting station is related to the settlement you are in. You can increase the tier of the crafting station by completing related Town projects, thereby receiving more crafting options.

Once you can craft weapons, its recipe will remain the same, which means that the materials you use will be a key factor in determining the tier of the item. To improve the resources you can use, you need to improve your relevant collection and refinement skills.

Because iron is an important resource in weapons, improve mining and smelting skills and allow them to use Steel Ingots in future crafting items. Tools crafted with simple iron are Tier 2 while tools crafted with Steel Ingots will be Level 3.

Therefore, the way to craft better tools is to continue practicing and upgrade your character to the point where can craft a higher-level version of tools and weapons.

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