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Many New World Players Built Mini-Map On Their Own

New World has already attracted many players, and players are also actively exploring the game content.

Unfortunately, although you can get a lot of land and resources in the New World, it lacks some convenient facilities. Among these resources, what players need most is the mini-map, but developers have not been able to add it to the game, so some players decided to solve this problem by themselves.

A player posted a video on Reddit, stating that they created a mini-map by themselves due to various inconveniences caused by the acquisition. Above the equipment shown in the bottom left of the screen is comfortable, and it does its job. You can click here to check!

The mini-map displayed by the video accurately shows the surrounding environment, with icons showing different locations and clearly defined roads. It even has a zoom feature to make it easy to find specific things in town. This is not one of the hidden features of New World, but it is really useful.

In addition, this minimap is also applicable outside of towns. Although this is a bit discordant on the screen, it provides more convenience. In the reply to this post, other players also stated that they also apply their own Mini maps and suggesting many methods.

The mini-map shown in the video is available for others to use, but it requires an addon. One player stated that this may result in a ban.

This is another content in New World because of the player's ingenuity and the problems caused by the game system or other players-created problems. And, fast travel, bizarre fighting styles and using boars to kill fishing bots are also on the list.

In short, this idea is worth seeing by more people. If Amazon Games realizes this and officially adds a mini-map, it will be better. If finds more creative ideas from players, we will share them in time.

New World players can also come here to buy New World Coins at any time, because as the main currency in New World, it can be needed in all aspects. So enough New World Coins can enhance your advantage in the game.

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