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How To Respec Stats and Weapon Mastery In New World?

In New World, you have a second chance to use the respec feature for stat allocation. will tell you how to reset your character skills and when it is best to do it.

If you are not satisfied with the first build, you can rebuild your character. This feature is "Respec", which allows you to test many different stat and weapons combinations, and then reset them when crossing the island of Aeternum.

How to Respec?

In New World, you can respec Weapon Mastery and character stats, both of which are simple.

When you are at a lower level, you can respec any number of times until you reach a specific level cap. This will allow you to try many different combinations and gameplays, which is especially advantageous at low levels.

How to respec stats?

You need to do the following:

* Press ‘K’ to open the character menu and choose attributes

* Click the ‘Respec’ button at the bottom of the screen

* If you are below level 20, it will be free, otherwise, you will need to spend New World Gold.

How to Respec Weapon Mastery?

* On the character menu, choose Weapon Mastery

* Choose the weapon you want to respec

* At the bottom of the screen, where you confirm the spent points, there is a Respec button that can be clicked

* This will be free if the Weapon Mastery is lower than 10, anything higher than it will cost gold

In New World, every attribute of the game (strength, dexterity, intelligence, focus, and constitution) interacts with different weapons and strengthens them.

To ensure that you get the most benefit from the build, whether you like Great Axe or Ice Gauntlet, you need to check that the correct stat is being leveled up.

New World always allows you to change many experiences, but only for faction transfers and server transfers, not for changing their player names or appearances. So, choose carefully before acting.

For more New World-related guides, you can check them out at, which may help you get through the difficulties in the game more smoothly. In addition, you can come here to buy New World Coins, which are what players need most. You can use them whenever you need them to help you enhance your advantage in the game.

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