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New World: How To Begin The Legendary Weapon Quest?

In New World, you need to reach level 60 before starting the legendary weapon quest, so you have not met this requirement, then this article by will be helpful.

Once you reach the highest level, you will want to improve your equipment in the next step. Although the weapons you get from this quest are not the best in the game, they will improve your overall gear score. So it's worthwhile to start the legendary weapon quest.

How to start the legendary weapon quest?

First of all, you need to reach level 60. There is 20 Weapon Mastery among the weapons of your choice. Today, you need to complete some quests provided by Eintou Madaki, which is an NPC located in Mountainhome in the Shattered Mountain territory. They will provide legendary weapons quests.

The first is Madaki’s Stratagem. Once you find the molds for the weapons, you have to collect the materials needed to make one of them. This will take you a lot of time because you need to collect 7 parts, many of which are distributed near powerful enemies, so be prepared. Sufficient New World Coins may be able to help you overcome some difficulties.

Once you have found everything you need, return to Eintou Madaki to turn in the quest and receive your weapon.

Weapons include:

* Sword: Twilight's Fall

* Tower Shield: Rook's Defense

* Round Shield: Boundless Ward

* Hatchet: Azure Ravager

* Rapier: Frozen Lament

* War Hammer: Rampant Conviction

* Great Axe: Reformation

* Spear: Heavensplitter

* Ice Gauntlet: Rimelash

* Fire Staff: Prime Resolve

* Life Staff: Glimmering Mercy

* Bow: Torrent

* Musket: Clamorous Vox

The quality of the weapon itself is epic, and the gear score is 580. This can also be said to be a major upgrade. If you haven't been able to start this quest, now is the time. will continue to provide more New World-related game guidance and cheap New World Coins. If you are a loyal fan of New World, you can pay more attention to this game service website focusing on New World in the future.

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