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It Would Make Sense For New World To Add World Events and Secret Encounters

New World can be said to be one of the most popular games on the market, but now it has been experiencing many glitches and other issues, which has caused dissatisfaction among many players. In addition, another problem is that the diversity of enemy types and quests is not enough, although the former has been resolved, and the developer said that more enemies will be introduced in the future.

New World is not a live-service game, so there will still be updates in the future, but that will require a long wait. This slow method will gradually make players feel empty. So we think a good way to immerse players in it is to introduce world events and their respective world bosses and secret encounters. will explain why New World will benefit from these.

World Events

What MMO games have in common is that players can gather in some specific locations and start a world event, let them fight the boss, usually get unique loot or valuable items from that. So if New World adds them, the game will become fulfilled. A good way to implement world events is to have them start at specific times and places so that players know where and when to look. One idea is to make these battles take place between enemies at levels 1-25, and then expand the difficulty in higher-level areas, which may be challenging. At that time, the economic system in the world will seem to be functioning better, because players' demand for New World Coins will increase.

Secret Encounters

Another useful addition is the secret encounters, which are more like a ghost ship discovered by some players while fishing. Although the diary entries are involved in the game, you cannot reach the ship because there is no water-traversing ability, so this is still a mystery to the player. This is also fascinating, especially when you need to follow a series of steps to trigger events purposefully.

In short, we all look forward to the devs team making New World better, and adding some exciting content is always attractive. Once new content is introduced, will always pay attention, if necessary, we will also provide New World Items and New World Boosting service to help you get a better gaming experience.

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