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Tips and Tricks For The New World PTR (Public Test Realm)

The New World public test realm has been released, giving players new content and updates to explore.

If you already own New World, well, you can install it from your Steam library, and it allows you to create a single character. Before starting the test, recommends that you pay attention to the following things.

Choose an appropriate starting level

When you get into the New World PTR, there will be 3 starting levels for you to choose from, they are Level 2, Level 16, and Level 60. Your choice will determine what gear you will get and what activities you will participate in. The starting level also determines how many attribute points you have at the beginning. Level 60 obviously has the most attribute points. You will have enough weapon mastery points to fill any weapon tree, no matter what level you start at.

* Level 2: The natural flow of the game with new quest types, new enemy types and ‘new and improved’ main story quests.

* Level 16: You will fight a new enemy group - Varangian Raiders.

* Level 60: New endgame content, including a new legendary weapon quest series. After creating the character, you will have a lot of weapons and armor.

Don’t open all things they give you

As unopened containers, they occupy about 5 pounds of space in your inventory, but if you open all of them, your inventory will be filled with thousands of pounds of gear, weapons, consumables, etc.

You should open the following things:

* 1 Playtester Toolbox: Contains one of each gathering tool.

* 1 Playtester Armor Box: Pick the box that focuses on your ideal main attribute stat line. Includes light, medium, and heavy set, plus a trinket.

* 1 Playtester Weapon Box: Gives you one of each weapon, but you can salvage the ones you don’t want.

* 1 Playtester Consumable Box (only when you’re at a Storage Shed): Gives you a plethora of potions and meals. Keep the ones you need, dump the rest in the shed.

How to start the new Varangian quest?

A new feature in PTR is to deal with new group of enemies - Varangian Raiders. In order to get this quest, you need to find Abigail Rose in the western wilds of Everfall.

When you spawn in as a level 16, head northwest to Bradbury Fields, then go west from the small passage between the mountains. Turn left and you will see the new landmark, Stonereach Keep. But before you approach the Keep, turn left again into the cliff, you will see Abigail on the rock, guarding the Keep.

She will give you a level 20 quest - Tenacious Rose, you need to investigate the Keep and figure out why the Raiders are here. This is the beginning of the questline. will continue to pay attention to the latest content and give corresponding suggestions to help you get a better gaming experience. And you can come here anytime to buy New World Coins so that you can immerse yourself in the game more.

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