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New World: PTR Arenas update coming soon

To test the upcoming 3v3 Arena in the May Update, the developer released a PTR on April 28, and players can experience this new game mode in advance while giving feedback to the production team to help it improve before the official release.

This PTR update will begin at 1:00 pm PT on May 20th with a 90-minute PTR server downtime.

According to the official update notes, this PTR update is aimed at understanding the many changes included in the latest PTR release, bringing gameplay optimizations that cover multiple aspects. Include 3v3 Arena, weapons, rewards and more.

One of the most worthy of players' attention is the repair and improvement of problems in 3v3 Arena. Following this maintenance, several minor bugs will be fixed, such as 3v3 Arena queuing the wrong game mode name, pressing ESC to leave the reward screen in 3v3 Arenas will display the wrong end-of-match scoreboard and more. At the same time, players will no longer lose rewards due to teammates being dropped in PvP.

The specific PTR update catalog will be available on the New World official website.

Although from the overall point of view, no substantial changes have been brought by the update, the improvement in these details can also reflect New World's player-oriented attitude and determination to make the game well.

Hopefully, this update will bring a boost to the upcoming official game. also wants players to have a smoother gaming experience, so we will provide you with cheap New World Coins to help you advance your game. Welcome to place an order here anytime.

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