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New World: May Update PTR is now open

New World has put a lot of effort into improving and fixing the game so far. To reverse the loss of players, New World has added more new content in past monthly updates, and this time is no exception.

First and foremost are the new PvP events and rewards. New World will launch 3v3 Arenas, a mode that allows players to freely form a three-person team for five-a-side matches. The tournament is only available to players over level 20 and can be played anywhere in Aeternum. At the same time, in terms of reward mechanisms, the game has created two new currencies: PvP XP and Azoth Salt can be earned and used in PvP-related activities. PvP XP can be used to increase the reward track, and Azoth Salt can be used to draw rewards. After each round of the track reset, the player's PvP level will increase by 1, and more special bonus content and titles will be unlocked after gradually reaching the milestone goal.

Secondly, this PTR cycle also brings some combat adjustments. To bring the heavy-armor healers in line with other builds, the production team updated the gear load bonus and fixed some lag issues and firing options. All of this means that in addition to the PvP realm, PvE mode can also benefit from it.

The PTR can be previewed via a standalone client, and players can download the New World Public Test Realm app on Steam, and everyone with a copy of New World will automatically gain access. In addition, entering the PTR, after creating a new character, you will get a cache of multiple special weapons and armors, which players need to pay a little attention.

It has to be said that this update is the right step for Amazon Games. It has been a week since the release of the PTR. Overall, the evaluation of players is very positive. Many people praised the excellent experience and rich rewards of the 3v3 Arena. I believe that after the official version is launched, it will be perfected through the improvement of details.

Not only can you get the latest news on the game at, but you can also buy cheap New World Coins. We will continue to support your needs in the process of game improvement, and you are welcome to buy it!

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