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New World: DEVS vs. Creators Stream Event is in progress

New World May PTR is still in the test, but only some players can experience 3V3 Arenas first. To make new and old players feel Arenas' fun, the game officially invited many popular New World content creators to carry out three weeks of Devs vs. Creators Stream Event.

As the name suggests, this event is a 3V3 Arenas duel of the game development team and content creator. There will be different content producers and developers joining the competition every week. Players can watch on the Twitch channel.

Just yesterday, the first game was over. The Creators lineup of the game contains the well -known Dannehtv, Bagginstv and RedByrd; Developers lineups with New World Designer: chris corey and Patrick Smedley, and World Experience Lead, Mike Willet, Remaining matches will start at 11 am on May 19 and May 26 of the World Standard time.

The most notable thing is that players who watch the live broadcast for two hours can get Twitch Drop. Three supply boxes are waiting for players to get. One live broadcast is dropped, which contains a lot of useful items:

2 VIARS EACH Containing 1,000 Azoth Salt

5 Health Potions

10 Stat Boosting Food

2 Honing Stones

2 Gemstone Dust

2 Oakflesh balms

3 Random Pieces of Exclusive PVP Focused Gear

I believe that this competition can fully show the charm of 3V3 Arenas, and Creators and Developers can bring new revelations to everyone in the gameplay. will be committed to providing you with comprehensive services. You can not only get the latest game news here but also buy cheap New World Coins directly to get advanced build for the upcoming 3V3 Arenas.

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