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New World: On the philosophy behind Expedition Mutators

Ever since New World introduced Expedition Mutators in its January update, players have been enthusiastic about the Expedition endgame event. As a new mechanism with rich gameplay, it has a great test for players' strategies and builds.

And just earlier today, the developer released a behind-the-scenes look at the event, revealing the origins and desired outcomes of the Expedition Mutators' design.

According to Michael Willette, head of World Experience, Expedition Mutators originated from roguelike games. Based on their turn-based battles and randomly generated enemies, they aim to bring unexpected challenges to players.

It is worth mentioning that the guiding principle for the level design of Mutators is to "encourage all kinds of counterattacks, stimulate teamwork and promote communication." This is very novel, players can join different expeditions through randomly selected Mutators each week, which can further strengthen the importance of strategy, which is also what players want most.

However, in the actual development process, the production team realized that it is not simply to create a powerful enemy to give players a sense of achievement, but to create a battle difficulty that players feel "just right." But in fact, it is not easy to find this balance, but they solved the puzzle after taking feedback from players. The difficulty of Mutators is not independent but cumulative, and each step will add additional effects, which greatly improves the diversity and playability of the level. Accordingly, players can also have more options to try their favorite characters and team strategies.

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