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New World: Update 1.4.5 made some changes

As an MMORPG, after experiencing server failures and player loss, New World pays attention to players' feedback every month and actively rolls out weekly and monthly updates to solve problems and bring players Lots of new content. This week's update is going on as usual, and the 1.4.5 update will be finished today.

This weekly update mainly brings bug fixes and adjustments to the Great Axe of Insatiable Gravity Well for players.

The general update mainly fixes the following issues:

1. Fixed an issue with healing hotkeys in Group Mode that caused the players assigned to each hotkey to change during combat.

2. Fixed an issue with the Region Transfer button so it displays a more accurate time for when a player can transfer between regions.

3. Fixed an issue where a character could get locked into an error message when attempting to log in.

4. Added a speculative fix for an issue that caused players to sometimes encounter a respawn screen with an infinite timer and no respawn. We will continue to monitor the forums to see if players are still encountering this rare issue.

5. Fixed an issue that allowed some players to instantly respawn and ignore the wave respawn timers during War & Invasion game modes.

As one of the equipment types of Insatiable Gravity Well, Great Axes have been criticized by players because the high attack damage. For the overall balance of the game, the update 1.4.5 has been adjusted. The production team reduced the weapon damage of the second burst from 125% to 100%; reduced the block stamina damage generated by the second burst of players' base stamina damage by half. Lifesteal based on gear score is also now adjusted to be between 15% and 35%.

Players are not very optimistic about this update, because there are many more problems that need to be solved that has not been paid attention to. However, this is a small step for the developer, and I believe there will be more exciting content in the next official May update. will continue to provide the latest information on the game, and you can also buy cheap New World Coins here to strengthen your character and have fun in New World.

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