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New World: The 1.4.4 update is now complete

May 07, 2022 Source: NEWWORLDCOINS

While the developer' focus is on Lost Ark now, the developer still working hard on New World's ups and downs. To bring a perfect experience to players in the official May update, on May 3, New World updated version 1.4.4, which mainly fixed some crafting, weapons and other general problems.

This 1.4.4 patch fixes a novice-friendly feature where players can use their deleted account names. Because New World's accounts are not summarized according to different servers, but global. So in fact, before this fix, deleted account names were still considered used. And now, this problem no longer bothers players.

The remaining fixed issues are:

1. An issue that could cause global events and timers to negatively impact server performance.

2. An issue where dodge may be permanently disabled after exhaustion.

3. An issue that could cause the crafting session to fail during high latency.

4. An issue where shield perks can be applied even without a sword equipped.

5. Fixed a rare issue that caused Hatchet Berserk and Ice Gauntlet Ice Pylon skills to not end their cooldowns.

6. Fixed an issue that caused the Sigil of Wealth dialog to pop up when trying to purchase server transfer tokens in some cases.

Additionally, the stat error for the Tempest's Heart Replica weapon has been fixed, setting its range to be in the 597 to 600 range. Also fixed issues with specific orders causing weapon perks to be disabled, etc.

The specific update catalog can be queried on the New World official website.

This 1.4.4 update, although small is also a preparation for the upcoming May new content. will continue to update you with the latest news, and you can also buy cheap New World Coins here to power up your game.

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