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New World PTR Is Testing Its New Expedition Mutator System

New World is going to be more challenging, which may give players a better gaming experience. The Expedition modifiers are named Mutators, and each Mutated Expedition has 10 extra difficulty levels and is currently being tested on the game's PTR. learned the relevant information.

Mutators add enemies to Expeditions, adding various affixes in a system not unlike WoW's Mythic+ dungeon system. After completing a Mutated Expedition, your are score will be based on speed, the number of enemies killed, and the number of times you died or wiped during the Expedition. You can unlock more difficult levels and get better rewards by getting a high enough score.

Dev team said the higher difficulty is expected to be "extremely difficult." With many New World complaints about the game's lack of end-game content, the introduction of Mutators and levels of multiple difficulty levels give New World fans more to aim for. Therefore, New World Coins will play a greater role at this time.

Another major addition being tested on the PTR is the new Umbral Shard system, a new resource that gives players means with items of 600 gear score to increase the power of those items by as much as 625. Dev team stats will be key if you want to get into the higher difficulty Mutated Expeditions or gain a competitive edge.

You can earn shards in several ways, including completing Mutated Expeditions in lower levels, and you'll need the corresponding skill level of 600 to apply an Umbral Shard to a given piece of gear.

While the Mutated Expeditions or Umbral Shard systems are the main points of discussion, there are some other changes to the PTR as well. Azoth costs for fast traveling long distance is being reduced, and Expeditions also see loot tables, along with other small changes.

If you need to buy New World Coins, please be free to come here and take a visit.

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