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Amazing! A New World Player Uses Musket and Rapier To Defend A Control Point!

One of the most attractions in New World is its Faction Wars. 50 players fight with another 50 players for honor and gold, which is the charm of MMO. Dev team has been trying to improve the way the game runs in many ways, weapons have been rebalanced, which allows players at a disadvantage to performing better.

Weapons like Musket and Bow also have huge ammunition economy issues, which makes them inconvenient, but in most cases, they are still excellent PVP weapons. But compared to large-scale battles, Dexterity weapons are more suitable for skirmishes, because they focus on a few targets and easily knock the opponent down.

Recently, a New World player shared their 1V2 battle scene on Reddit, which caused a heated discussion, so also shared it here for you to view, you can click here to view the original post.

This player ambushes the enemies and uses a Musket to quickly reduce the health of one of the enemies to the base. When the other enemy approaches with a Sword and Shield, the player uses the Rapier and dodges to narrow the distance to the injured enemy. Several additional Musket shots locked the first enemy, and the second enemy was still preparing to use the Great Axe’s Gravity Well.

But this was prevented by a timely counterattack, which shocked the Great Axe user. They were stabbed in the back and shot with a Musket. This shows how deadly agile weapons can be in small battles.

It is not easy to maintain or win settlements, but sufficient New World Coins will always give you some help. If you are trying to conquer the territory, to ensure a higher chance of winning, you can prepare equipment and weapons in advance!

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