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New World Winter Convergence Event Introduces New Content

The first major seasonal event of New World is finally here, Winter Convergence brings brand new winter tokens, quests ice caves, and holiday villages to Aeternum.

The New World development team has been working hard for the December update, and after a small delay, it finally arrived. The arrival of Winter Convergence was accompanied by a lot of patch notes and a winter flair for Forsaken island. lists everything you can expect, including winter tokens, quests, start dates of events, etc.

Winter Convergence event start date

Winter Convergence event is available on Dec 16 and will last until Jan 11, 2022.

You need to log in to Steam to download new content. This update will bring a series of major changes and a new event. So don't miss this snowy wonderland! By then, New World Coins will still play an important role in it.

Winter Tokens

You will take on the quest of Winter Wanderer, collect Winter Tokens from repeatable events throughout the island, and transform them into rare items and cosmetics in the Holiday Shop. The positive aspect of Winter Wanderer is powered by the collection and turning in of every token.

Holiday Villages

Winter Wanderer established 4 villages to promote the joy of Winter Convergence. You can meet Winter Wanderer in the following places to complete his holiday quests:

* Everfall

* Monarch’s Bluff

* Weaver’s Fen

* Brightwood

Ice Caves

You can find Ice Caves anywhere in Aeternum. Because Winter Warrior is eager for a Forever Winter, they are ice caves that the yeti use their powers to freeze and create snow. If Warrior's onslaught does not stop, then the rest of Aeternum will also look like these Ice Caves.

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