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New World Winter Convergence: How To Get Winter Wanderer Reputation?

Winter Convergence has arrived, which is also the first major seasonal event of New World, bringing players new activities and content during the holiday season. When you participate in these new activities, you can increase the event reputation and get unique winter-themed armors and weapons. Based on this, will give corresponding tips and tricks.

Winter Wanderer Quest

The host of the festival is Winter Wanderer, a friendly Yeti, who has established 4 winter villages located in:

* Everfall

* Monarch's Bluffs

* Brightwood

* Weaver's Fen

They are usually located near the fast-travel shrine on your map. You can find Winter Wanderer in these villages, and get a new quest from him, that is, venture into the Yeti’s caves to kill them and stop the Forever Winter. Talk to Winter Wanderer and check the Convergence Shop and many rewards. You can use Winter Tokens to increase your reputation.

How to get Winter Wanderer reputation?

* The first is to collect Lost Presents scattered all over the world. Most of them can be found on the ground, some are floating in the air, and you need to collect them through ranged attacks. Each present will reward you with 5 event XP, and you can exchange them for event tokens at a Winter Village.

* Another way is to collect Gleamite, which will randomly drop from the sky during the night meteor shower. Collecting Gleamite will reward you with 5 XP, and getting larger Gleamite Chunks will earn you 25 XP.

* The last and best way is to visit Trees of Light, you can find them in the town squares of each settlement. You can get event reputation from it, and others including New World Coins.

When you complete the Town Project quest and increase the level of Trees, the reputation rewards from Light Tree will increase.

Winter Convergence Festival Reputation Ranks in New World:

* Rank 1-Reveler-0 reputation (starting rank)

* Rank 2-Celebrant-1,000 reputation

* Rank 3-Merrymaker-3,000 reputation

* Rank 4-Joybringer-6,000 reputation

* Rank 5-Holiday Regent-10,000 reputation

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