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New World's NPC Guide: How To Slay Enemies More Easily?

There are many NPC types in New World, which helps to build a diverse area. While NPC types look different visually, they have different behaviors. For various elements in the world, each New World NPC type has its strengths and weaknesses. All of these are important elements for defeating enemies, leveling up, and farming Gypsum.

Especially at the end of the game, there are many ways to grind the end game content again and again. You can defeat different enemies in dungeons and arenas, such as Corrupted in Mykgard and Angry Earth in Edngrove’s Spriggan Arena. No matter what content you like, you want to have the damage type to compete with them.

To enhance your gaming experience, detailed the weaknesses of the enemies in New World. In addition, we have added the strengths of NPCs to let you know whether the weapon you bring gives you an advantage.

New World Enemies’ Weaknesses

This is a detailed introduction to the enemies in New World. You now know how to manipulate the weaknesses of various enemies and avoid their strengths. In addition, you can also buy New World Coins here to enhance your advantages and make things develop more smoothly. With the coming of new content, New World Coins will be able to play a more important role in the game, so you can also pay more attention to in the future.

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