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The Devs Team Confirms Exciting Changes To PvP Are Underway

Since the release of New World, it has undergone some changes. Developers have tried to manage many bugs in the game. With so many moving parts, it is a bit difficult to track those parts and when they have changed.

However, found that in a developer statement released on November 2nd, the studio confirmed some major changes in the game's open-world PVP.

PvP changes in New World

The main changes in PvP are to change the PvP flagging rewards and some exciting new missions are underway, and some new PvP mission types will appear in the game. These changes also mean that the diversity of PvP is increased, and flagging for PvP will now generate more rewards. This is especially true for those who are already at level 60.

According to the developer, PvP fagging has short, medium, and long-term changes:

* Short-term: The player's luck will increase, and the gear's durability damage will decrease, which will reduce the risk of flagging a little bit, especially the cost of gear repair in the end game.

* Mid-term: The reward for kills at 60 will be adjusted so that the players high watermark (HWM) will be enhanced.

* Long-term: A new open-world activity that flagged players can participate in, which will stimulate and reward some smaller engagements in Aeternum.

This is about developers' thinking about war and territory control. What's more, fans also hope that tax distribution will change and war will be adjusted shortly.

Once more issues in New World can be fixed or the gameplay adjusted, this will attract more players, which is what fans want to see. If you need New World Coins during the game, welcomes you to buy them at any time. In addition to New World Coins, you can also purchase any New World boosting services you need.

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