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New World Server Merges Are Just Around The Corner

Amazon Games said that after a period of free server transfers, server merges will appear in New World.

This news comes from developer Kay's response on the game's official forum regarding the low number of servers and server merges needs. Because many of the endgame content of New World depends on other players, whether they are the wars of faction vs. the faction, the Outpost Rush battleground, or elite farming runs. This is challenging for players on servers with very small populations.

Therefore, they said that world merges are coming soon, and they are confident enough to use this technology in the live world, but additional scale tests are needed.

Considering the difficulties in the first few weeks, developers will be very cautious here, more new news will be revealed one after another, and will be updated in time.

The need for server merges is a problem created by Amazon itself. To solve the problem of too long login queues during the release week, Amazon has provided many new server transfers, which is beneficial to players who create characters on different servers. They can find a permanent home after the game entry is stable.

Because of the scarcity of players, many game content can hardly find groups. So from a long-term perspective, the sooner the server merges happen, the game will be in a healthier state for all players.

The server population problem is the latest issue of the New World. A recent gold coin duplication bug caused Amazon to shut down the economic system run by game players for a whole day, which seriously affected the game experience of players. So in terms of perfecting the game, Amazon Games seems to have a long way to go.

But various issues still failed to stop its popularity, so based on the trust of players, Amazon Games should spare no effort to make New World perfect. If you are already a big fan of New World, then you can subscribe to, because one day, you will want to buy New World Coins here to quickly get rid of the difficulties in the game.

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