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How To Level Logging - The Most Important Gathering Skill

It's been a while since New World was released, and as players started exploring on Aeternum Island, fighting and gathering materials, people's excitement reached a feverish level. New World focuses on crafting mechanics and encourages you to continuously collect resources in the process of exploration.

There are 17 trade skills in total, which are divided into gathering, refining, and crafting. One of the gathering skills is Logging, which provides raw materials for crafting recipes. To start Logging, a Logging Axe and a ready supply of trees are needed, but leveling up skills will require you more energy and New World Coins.

How to level Logging?

To get Logging XP, you need to use skills, which means you have to go to the wild of Aeternum to find trees to cut down. You will need a Logging Axe to do this, it has 5 different tiers, from Flint to Orichalcum. A better Logging Axe allows you to gather wood faster, and with Logger’s Luck Perk, you will have the opportunity to obtain rare resources.

When you upgrade your Logging skills in New World, you will be able to harvest rarer trees. The most common types are Young Trees and Mature Trees, and you can find them in various places on the island. These two types of wood yield Green and Mature wood respectively, enough to allow you to pass the early stages of Logging.

How to farm Logging?

Farming Logging XP is more like a grind than other Trade Skills. Although logging skills can help you find rare trees that can produce more materials, leveling is still a matter of quantity. Using a higher-tier Logging Axe will speed up the process, as well Lumberjack’s Discipline Perk, which will gain more XP for each tree chopped. In addition, you should use food-buffs to increase Luck, and proficiency boosters to increase yields.

Although you can find young and mature trees almost anywhere, you can only find Ironwood and Wyrdwood in specific places. The following picture shows their specific locations:

* Red - Ironwood

* Blue - Wyrdwood

* Purple Zone in the Shattered Mountain is home to both Ironwood groves and Angry Earth Wolves.

This is the way you can use it for leveling Logging. will continue to provide more New World news, so if you are a New World player, then subscribing to will be able to help you in the game later.

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