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New World: How To Farm To 600 Gear Score?

Many players seem to be approaching the end game of New World, so the quest for gear score has already begun. The New World gear score feature will tell you how good your gear is, and you can calculate what prebis is for the builds. When you enter the end game, you need to grind it to make your character achieve the best performance, especially at the end game wars and elite zones.

When you reach level 60, your character's gear score should be around 500. From then on, your goal is to reach a 600 gear score, which is the highest gear score you can get in one minute. Here, will tell you how to farm your new world gear score and more.

What is the gear score watermark?

Score watermark is a term, it means that New World has a hidden passive system that determines what gear you get. When you are in the outside world, you will slowly increase the quality of the gear. Each armor type, gear slot and weapon has its gear score watermark, which means you need to constantly farm gear for each armor, slot, and weapon to ensure that you can get the best gear.

How many gear score watermarks are there?

You need to do this for every armor type, so here are 5 armor slots and 3 armor types, which means there are 15 different New World score watermarks for armor pieces.

For your weapons, you have:

* Bow

* Fire Staff

* Great Axe

* Hatchet

* Ice Gauntlet

* Life Staff

* Musket

* Shield

* Spear

* Sword

* War Hammer

This is another 11 different New World gear score watermarks to be improved, and now there are 26 watermarks in total.

How to farm gear score?

The best way is to enter the elite end-game areas. The most popular is Myrkgard, which is full of corrupted portals, world bosses like Captain Thorpe, and it is full of caches and T5 elite chests. These mobs, portals, catches and chests all have a chance to drop weapons and armors. You need to farm to get watermarks quickly. You may get an epic version of gear, and when your watermark is higher, their gear score will increase. If you want to improve efficiency, you can join a team that repeats the farm.

If you are confused about this, this article will be helpful to you. In addition, if you need resource support, you can always come here to buy New World Coins, will update more game-related news and guidance from time to time, which should be what the players needs.

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