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New World Devs Accepted The Endgame Challenge From Community

Before anything starts, we want to announce the good news that the Christmas sale has already started, now come to to buy New World Coins with code "XMAS", you will enjoy up to 8% off. The event will last until 2022. On the 1st.

The New World community was dissatisfied with the endgame changes and issued a challenge to the game developers to stream an endgame Myrkgard run so that they could see how it worked. will also introduce more relevant information here.

Surprisingly, dev team accepted this challenge. They recently released a video, you can click here to view it. It showed 10 developers, including game director Scot Lane, trying to overcome more challenging pieces of the endgame. From the beginning, the developers admitted that their equipment was insufficient and their gear was not as good as the dedicated players of New World. But they still entered the elite zone of Myrkgard's endgame, surprising!

Despite being undergeared, the developers still started a wonderful battle and spent about an hour struggling in this zone. The video also shows the views of 4 different developers, and also offers some helpful suggestions to improve the game experience, such as "Keep your tank up, otherwise, bad things will happen" and "Sometimes surrender is the best choiceā€¯. Because in In the process, despite their tremendous efforts, they will eventually choose to give up.

This video seems to be very popular in the community, and the players also provide props for dedv team to answer the call, which is to be a bigger effort. And the developers also answered some common questions and details from the community, and players can expect to play the game in the coming weeks and months.

devs' act is undoubtedly a good signal, but whether it can solve the problems raised by players remains to be seen. New World was also plagued by various vulnerabilities after its large-scale release in September. Although many of these issues have been quickly fixed, they still affect the player's gaming experience.

The Winter Convergence Festival is currently underway, which also attracts the attention of players. You can actively participate in it and get more fun. As for the New World Coins you need, you can come here to buy them at any time, and we will spare no effort to provide you with any help.

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