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Quest Line of Winter Convergence That You Need To Complete

The New World’s Winter Convergence event has started for a while and will continue until January 11, 2022. It also provides a quest line for players. To make the final battle more smooth, you can come here to buy New World Coins in advance to be fully prepared.

You can choose any of the 4 Winter Villages around Aeternum. This event focuses on player intervention with the help of Winter Wanderer to play against Forever Winter. To this end, the game has 7 quests, each of which has its level requirement. will give a brief description of them.

Level 15 (rewards: 1 Winter Token, ~1200 XP, ~68 Gold, 175 Territory Rep, 50 Azoth)

The Winter Convergence

The Winter Convergence is an introductory quest that will guide you to Holiday Huts in Winter Villages to check the new items that can be made there. Once completed, you can return to Winter Wanderer to get rewards.

Tree of Light

You need to get your first daily reward from the village’s Tree of Light. These rewards are refreshed every day. You are encouraged to check the Trees of Light in Winter Villages every day to get items. After the collection is done, you can return to Winter Wanderer to get rewards.

All Together Now

All Together Now teaches you how to check the upgrade progress of the tree of light in the village and how to participate in it. This quest lets you check the Town Projects Board.

Gleamite Crystals

In Aeternum, Gleamite Showers will happen randomly. Every once in a while, a rift will open in the sky and Gleamite deposits will rain down to the ground. You can mine these deposits for Gleamite crystals, and then bring them to Winter Village.

Joy Recaptured

This quest guides you to get through Lost Present Recovery. Presents have been scattered throughout Aeternum, which is returned to the Winter Village by players who participated in the Winter Convergence. Some presents may be floating and require ranged weapons to shoot them down.

Level 25 (Rewards: 1 Premium Winter Token,~1200 XP,~68 gold, 175 Territory Rep, and 50 Azoth)

Yetis Abound

Now is the real adventure. Yetis Abound allows you to defeat the level 25 wild Yetis that appears in Aeternum inside Ice Caves. You need to defeat 3 named enemies to continue this quest:

* Rames in Everfall

* Hari in Monarch's Bluffs

* Sunit in First Light

Wanderer Reborn

This is a long game, but the only objective is to reach the Winter Convergence event reputation - Merrymaker. This is the third tier and requires 3000 event reputation.

Level 60 (Rewards: 1 Premium Winter Token, ~3000 experience, ~112 gold, 175 Territory Rep, and 50 Azoth)

Winter Warrior

The final battle begins, which is the battle for Forever Winter against the Winter Warrior. If you want to deal with this frosty antagonist, you need to collect 2 Runestones to get his position. You can get them from:

* Isvari in Edengrove

* Sesa in Ebonscale Reach

Once you have collected two runestones, the cave of the Winter Warrior will be revealed and you need to be ready for battle!

This is about the content of the New World Winter Convergence questline, most of which can be said to be simple, you only need to prepare to get rewards.

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